Image Synthesis Class

Homework 8:

Add glass and metal materials to the pathtracer, paying attention to the Fresnel Equations. We used Schlick's approximation to the Fresnel term.

NOTE: All images are gamma corrected with gamma 2.

Indirect lighting only, 32768 samples
per pixel. Metal & glass balls.

Mobile metal sphere. Included explicit
direct lighting. (1000 samples per

Cornell Box on acid with glass and
metal. Includes explicit direct
lighting. (2197 samples per pixel)

Implicit Direct Only:

Below are images computed using just implicit direct (and indirect) lighting (no explicit direct):

Light Intensity: Low
(Spectral Values: 1)
Light Intensity: Mid
(Spectral Values: 2)
Light Intensity: High
(Spectral Values: 3)
Rays per pixel: 15625
Rays per pixel: 4096
Rays per pixel: 1000
Rays per pixel: 343
Rays per pixel: 64

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