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Hi. This page is woefully out of date, as I have been gone from Utah for over six years! For current information about me, my research, and my work please see my current web page at the University of Iowa. The remainder of this page is here as a historical curiosity, and (with the exception of my Utah class projects) it is all presented in an updated format on my Iowa site.

Hey, you've reached my home here at the University of Utah. I just finished my PhD in computer science in Summer 2004. My advisor was Chuck Hansen. Originally I'm from Minnesota, and got undergraduate degrees from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in Mathematics and Computer Science.

I successfully defended my dissertation on May 10, 2004, and my thesis was approved in early July. A final copy of my dissertation is avaliable here.

For this fall, I have accepted an Assistant Professor position at the University of Iowa, and will be moving to Iowa City shortly. My office at Iowa should be 101J MacLean Hall, and my address for mail will be:

Chris Wyman
Department of Computer Science
14 MacLean Hall
Iowa City, IA 52242-1419

For more about me and my history, here's a page with more information.

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