Tutorial Program

ACM SIGPLAN 2003 Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI)

San Diego, CA, June 8, 2003

PLDI is a forum where researchers, developers, educators, and practitioners can exchange information on the latest practical and experimental work in the design and implementation of programming languages. The tutorial program enhances the technical program with longer presentations that cover research areas and tools in depth. This year's program has two different tracks that will be held the day before the technical program starts.

8:30am-11:30am Soot, a Tool for Analyzing and Transforming Java Bytecode Laurie Hendren, Patrick Lam, Ondrej Lhotak, Feng Qian,
McGill University
9am-11am Software Model Checking with SLAM Thomas Ball and Sriram K. Rajamani,
Microsoft Research
1pm-5pm Aspect-Oriented Programming with AspectJ Erik Hilsdale and Jim Hugunin,
1pm-3pm Language-Based Security Greg Morrisett,
Cornell University
3:15pm-5pm Compilers for Power and Energy Management Ulrich Kremer,
Rutgers University

Wilson Hsieh, wilson @ cs.utah.edu