Wathsala Widanagamaachchi

I graduated with my PhD in Computing (Graphics Track) from the  Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute at University of Utah in 2017. My PhD advisor is Dr. Valerio Pascucci and my primary research interests are in Scientific Visualization, Computer Graphics and Image Processing. Together with my advisor and Dr. Peer-Timo Bremer, I worked on developing the TALASS framework, an interactive framework which allows exploration of large-scale, time-varying datasets.

Apart from that, my research also includes a scalable data-parallel halo-finder operator in PISTON, in-situ visualization and analysis of PSI simulations (with Dr. Chris Sewell, Li-Ta Lo & Dr. Jim Ahrens at the Data Science at Scale team), and Ray graphs, a flexible framework for space and time exploring panoramas (with Dr. Paul Rosen).

Currently, I am working as a research associate at the Division of Epidemiology at University of Utah. For more information, be sure to download my résumé. (updated 06/2018)


I am originally from Sri Lanka, small but a beautiful island located in the indian ocean. There, I completed my undergraduate degree in computer science from the School of Computing of the University of Colombo in 2009. As an undergrad, I conducted my research with Dr. Anuja Dharmaratne which involved facial emotion recognition and 3D face reconstruction.

Currently, I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, with my husband, Lalindra who was also a PhD student at the University of Utah.

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