Tina Ziemek completed her Ph.D. in the School of Computing at the University of Utah. Tina decided pursuing computer science after she received a bachelor's degree in economics from College of the Holy Cross (Worcester, MA). She completed her M.S. in computer science from Colorado School of Mines (Golden, CO). It was while she was at Mines that Tina developed an interest in computer graphics and visual perception.

At Utah, Tina is a member of the Visual Perception and Spatial Cognition group. Tina is researching how we can increase users' accuracy on perceiving 3D objects on a 2D desktop display. This topic also encompasses studying individual differences in spatial abilitiy and how these differences can affect one's perception of 3D computer generated images.

In the winter you can find Tina snowboarding and jumping off cliffs in the Wasatch Mountains. Other activities she enjoys include swimming, yoga, and break dancing.