Hello all!

This is Tom (Soup) Thompson and I would like to welcome you all to my little lab. I call it "Soups Kitchen". The idea is to cook up some helpful hints and lay them out in nice easy to read form for all members of DiscGrace and DiscConnect to peruse. The subject matter, ideally, will concentrate on information the beginner can use to both better enjoy and better understand the game I like to call "Ultimate" (others actually call it this as well).

Some of you will know this information and won't have to read it. Hey, no one has to read it. Hopefully, each article will range from the cursory to the indepth and so everyone can get something out of the read. If all goes well maybe others will want to contribute a post of their own!

That said, get to the articles! Read to learn but get out on the fields and play.

enjoy the game.

tom (aka soup).

NOTE1: I will be using "he" all over the place. I was taught in grade school that if the gender isnt known or is unspecific then "he" should be used. Yes, that is out of date but at least I have that as my excuse!
NOTE2: These postings represent my understanding of each subject. That may be different from what others may believe to be gospel. If this happens please email me and let me know. I like to hear all sides of the story.
NOTE3: Let me stress here that the articles contain information that may be to advanced for the raw beginner. Each article has information that is useful to players of all levels, but actually implementing the information at game time may not be possible for players with little to no experience. Hopefully, even those very green players will get a better understanding of the game though. That's the goal.