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Sample Frame Title Description
Milk Milk Carton Express A "Milk Carton" on a futuristic roller coaster. This was done to test my ray-tracing animator.

December 1993 - 232144 byte mpeg
Morph Some Morph Action Quick 3d morphs. This is a small morph from my Masters thesis.

March 1994 - 61510 byte mpeg
Meta Meta-Morph Meta-morphing of "Morphing". This is a section of the title sequence of my Masters film.

April 1994 - 142389 byte mpeg
Fly-by F16 Fly-by Two F-16s doing a fly-by. This was used as a transition in my Masters film.

May 1994 - 305314 byte mpeg
Juggle Soup Can Juggle Invisible cartoon guy juggling. This animation was done to help me learn the Alpha 1 system.

June 1995 - 798170 byte mpeg
Runner The Runner Wooden art figure running down a path. Created to produce forward kinematic animation curves.

July 1995 - 286340 byte mpeg
The following are clips that I found interesting or important. They aren't animations but this is as good a place as any to put them.
Anderson Diesel Mike Anderson scores the go ahead touchdown in the Las Vegas Bowl. Unstoppable en route to 254 yards rushing.

1999 - 733808 byte quicktime
Anderson Cut-back Mike Anderson scores from 34 yards out with a great cutback and burst of speed. This after an earlier 76 yard jaunt.

1999 - 972100 byte quicktime
Stockton Ball Game John Stockton saves the Jazz season by hitting this 22 foot jumper with 0.7 seconds left to beat the Kings.

1999 - 800047 byte quicktime
Stockton Only John Just your average half court, cross court, bounce pass from John Stockton for the score. Amazing.

1999 - 1026433 byte quicktime
Williams Full Around Jason Williams goes all the way around the back from left hand to left hand for the layup.

1999 - 1018799 byte quicktime
Williams Cross Over The Glove gets tossed aside as Jason Williams steals, crosses crosses over in front of Payton and then shoots high off the glass over Schrempf.

1999 - 1061554 byte quicktime
Williams Fake Jump Pass Again with Jason williams. This time he leaps against the Grizzlies with the fake jump pass, then hits the running jumper.

1999 - 1000904 byte quicktime
Big Mac 62! Mark McGwire goes deep for number 62 on September 8, 1998 against the Cubs' Steve Trachsel.

1998 - 927003 byte quicktime
Stockton The Pass This is "The Pass" from John Stockton to Karl Malone in Game 4 1997 NBA finals.

1997 - 944202 byte quicktime
Stockton The Shot This is "The Shot" by John Stockton to beat the Rockets and advance to the 1997 NBA finals.

1997 - 945458 byte quicktime
VanHorn The Tip This is the game winning tip in by Keith VanHorn to advance Utah to the WAC championship.

1997 - 534259 byte quicktime
Jordan Its Jordan This is Micheal Jordan doing his best Dr J impression against the Lakers.

1996 - 396850 byte quicktime
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