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Who am I?
My name is Mike Thelen, and I'm a graduate student in the M.S. program of the computer science department at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. That's me on the right.
My Research
I do research in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) group at the U. My latest project is in the area of reading comprehension. Basically, I'm trying to get a computer to read 2nd grade texts and answer questions about them. But the computer is being a little obstinate.
My Outlook on Life
I am sure I haven't studied enough philosophy to be able to describe my philosophical tendencies concisely or even accurately. I'll just tell you I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and point you to my Personal Page in case I ever find time to write more about my personal journey through life.
I learned to play chess when I was very little, but only started playing seriously about a year ago. I play whenever I can, which is, unfortunately, not nearly as often as I would like. Check out my Chess Page.
I don't remember when I started writing poetry, but I do remember that I've always loved words and finding different ways to use them. I haven't written as much poetry lately as I'd like (grad school and all, you know), but most of what I have written can be seen on my Poetry Page.
You (hereafter 'you') visit this page at your own risk. I (hereafter 'I') take no responsibility for any atrocities or crimes against humanity committed by you upon viewing this page. Oh yeah, and no crimes against animals either. If you want to hurt defenseless pets, that's your business. But if you want to give them weapons and have a REAL death match, then be sure to let me know so I can watch.