I have graduated and now works for Sun Microsystems .

Past Research

My Ph.D. dissertation was entitled A Portable Mechanism for Thread Persistence and Migration . This research was under the supervision of  Professor Gary Lindstrom. Before working on my dissertation research, I have been involved into several other research projects at Utah. I worked as a research assistant on Etyma framework, an application framework for compositional modularity. I also worked as a research assistant on flux operating system project.

During summer 1998, I was a research intern at IBM T.J.Watson Research Center in New York. The project I worked on was the Gryphon Project. Gryphon is a new paradigm of distributed computing. It is a content based message broker system which can be used for different kinds of applications. The part of work I did was to design and implement language and algorithms to add states in the system. By adding states, the system is more intelligent and functional. It can deliver new message events based on state information, compress message sequences into a shorter one, or expand any new events as desired. Part of my work is described in a paper published at ICDCS workshop for middleware 1999: Information Flow Based Messaging Middleware for Building Loosely Coupled Distributed Applications(pdf file).

Before going to Utah, I obtained a M.S. from the Ohio State University in 1995. My thesis topic was "A New Computer Simulation Model on the Fluid Flow Systems".  My undergraduate degree was obtained in Physics from  Peking University , Beijing, China. My B.S. thesis work was published in the Solid State Communiations, 1992.

Industry Experiences

I have worked at 3Com, Javasoft, and emWare. At 3Com, I was involved in design and implementation of Federation, which is a component based software system to be used in product design and configuration for different kinds of 3Com products. I also participated in exploring mobile agent applications in Palm Pilot environment. At Javasoft, I worked at the JVM Hotspot group. My responsibility was to design and implement a patent pending byte code verifier. At emWare, I was in charge of the architect, design, and implementation of a new gateway server for embeded devices on network using the OSGI technology.

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