Tips on Tasting Wine

Tasting wine may seem like an intimidating experience, conjuring images of snooty aristocrats swirling the colorful liquid in their Riedel crystal and uttering profound observations. However, drinking, tasting and most importantly enjoying wine need not be such a production. In fact, tasting wine is like any other skill that can be enjoyed on many different levels.

Some people may like to simply browse the Internet for the many interesting and recreational features it offers. Others relish in the process of designing and creating web sites. Still others may enjoy developing the software and hardware that make the first two possible. All three are participating in the experience of the Internet, each enjoying it for different attributes. Wine tasting is no different. It can be appreciated simply as a refreshing beverage that accompanies a great meal or it can offer complexities and nuances that few other beverages can. Developing a skill set to recognize and appreciate the many aspects that wine has to offer, merely takes time, effort and desire.

You may be thinking, "I've tasted wine and it tastes pretty much like, well, wine ." While this is certainly true, a few pointers may help reveal some subtleties that may not be obvious at first inspection. For starters, keep in mind that drinking wine can be more than simply opening your mouth, swallowing a liquid and frolicking in its psychotropic effects. (Although, within reason there's nothing wrong with enjoying wine purely at this level!) Drinking wine is a multi-sensory experience involving sight, smell and taste.

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