The Making of Wine

The fermenting of grapes and grape juice into wine, is a natural process that has been enjoyed by mankind for thousands of years. The choices made about soil and particular grapes in the vineyard and winery, are of relevance to the wine enthusiast as they directly effect the final product. Wine derives its alcohol by the process of fermentation. Grapes on the vine are covered with yeast, mold and bacteria. By putting grape juice into a container at the right temperature, yeast will turn the sugar in the juice into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The grape juice will have fermented and become wine. But fermentation is not the only step in the process of making wine. The next several pages will discuss in basic terms the total process of wine making. Links to individual steps in the process are listed to the left if you prefer to skip around. To start at the beginning of the delicate process of making one of the world's oldest drinks click on harvesting, where the grapes take their first step to reaching the goblet.

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