Earliest wine
In Egypt, there's the earliest known physical evidence of wine, which dates back to 5000 BC. The  drawing and painting inside the Egyptian tombs clearly displayed their knowledge of wine making, especially  the painting inside the Theban tomb, which depicts the whole process of wine making, from gathering grapes to storing wines in  large jars .

World's oldest wine jar
The world’s earliest known wine jar, more than 7000 years old, is now being displayed in the Mesopotamian gallery at University of Pennsylvania Museum.  Dr. McGovern, an archaeochemist, discovered reddish colour residue in an ancient jar.  With the aid of modern technology, Dr. McGovern and his team determined the chemical composition of the residue, is indeed grapes'.  More about the discovery of the ancient wine jar can be found here.

Wine as medicine
Wine in ancient Egypt was not only used in a ceremonial event, it was also found to be a form of medication.  Around 1500 BC, about 15 percent of their doctor's prescription included beer or wine.  Most likely, wine was used as a pain reliever.

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