Spniash conquest
Wine history in America was relatively short compared to that of Europe.
Spanish Conquistadores were the first to introduce wine to America, starting in Chile.  Plants such as wheat, olives and grapes, were brought in by the Spanish.  In 1554, the first vineyard was planted in Santiago.

North America
Governor of Virginia, Lord Delaware wrote in London Company in 1616 that American colonies could develop wine industry to rival that of France. French viticulturists were recruited and brought here.  These French winemen did not like the native American grapes, so they brought their own vines.  But the weather in America was not optimal for the growing of Europe grapes, the French winemen left and the interest of wine in North America was abandoned for years.  But about 100 years later in the west, Spanish missionaries planted the first vineyard in California.

Rums, apple cider, beer and whiskey were more consumed by the colonial pioneers.  Only the wealthy and educated enjoyed wine.  Wine industry in America was not recognized until the mid-1800’s when a French viticulturist, Jean-Louis Vigne, established a vineyard in California.  Now, there’s more than 685 wineries in California, which produces more than 375 million gallons every year.  American wine industry today produce some of the finest wines in the world.

Wine industry around the world. in around 19th century.

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