History of Wine

Where did wine first come from? A popular legend about the invention of wine has been told by many: a Sumerian king who liked his crops of grapes, hid some for himself into a cask from his wives and children. He labelled the cask "Poison" so nobody would dare to touch it.  One day one of his wives became depressed and decided to kill herself.  She opened the cask and drank some of its contents.  What she didn't know, was that she drank what's now known as wine.  This is one of the many tales told about the birth of wine.  This section of the site will guide you through some of the references and historical evidences discovered, that reveal information about the origin of wine and its development throughout history.


Since the primary ingriendient of wine is grapes, where it's naturally grown is the origin of viticulture and viniculture.  Of course, the origin must also include the people that produced and consumed wine.  This leads to discover where humans first originated and where grape vines are indigenous.  The most ancient civilizations were found in the region occupying southeastern Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers(now southern Iraq from around Baghdad to the Persian Gulf) in 6000 to 4000 BC.  It just so happens that grape vines are native in this region. 

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