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Graduate Algorithms

The study of algorithms is, at one level, the study of techniques driven by rigorous formal analysis: divide and conquer, greedy algorithms, recursion, O() notation and the like. At another level, algorithms are about abstraction: what is the core computational structure underlying a problem, and how might we unlock it ?

In this course, we will study algorithms at the level of techniques, and at the level of structure. Formalization, a key step in the practice of using algorithms, will play an important role in this class. Specific topics to be covered include:

  • NP-Completeness and reductions.
  • Greedy algorithms (and matroids) and dynamic programming
  • Linear programming
  • Approximation algorithms.
  • Randomization

Some of these topics (the last three most notably) can command an entire course of their own; our coverage will emphasize the basics, covering a few of the most common ideas in play.


For specific information regarding this year’s incarnation of the class, please visit the corresponding class page:

  • Fall 2014: CS 6150 Graduate Algorithms (TTh 10:45-12:05, WEB L105). NOTE: The class is completely full at this point, and I cannot give out permission codes because the room we’re in is full to capacity. I’d recommend sitting in on a lecture or two BEFORE the drop deadline on Sep 3, and then attempting to register if there are any withdrawals at that time. I’m sorry I can’t accomodate all your requests.