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Special Lectures

What will happen if you take my classes (taken from student comments):

You will lose sleep:

  • “Your final still gives me nightmares…”
  • “I was lying in bed at 1am, having given up on an assignment, and suddenly the answer appeared”
  • “The nightmares will never stop”

You will age rapidly:

  • “Your class has taken away years from my life”
  • “Your class almost killed me”

You will hear my voice in your head:

  • I often catch myself making an assumption, and then hear his voice in my head saying, “why”, or “are you sure” ?

You will lose sleep AND hear my voice in your head:

“This is what happens after you bash approximations into our heads. My alarm first went off this morning, and as I hit the snooze button, I shouted in my head, “LOWER BOUND!” then went back to sleep. After a few minutes, the same thing happened when I hit the snooze button: “LOWER BOUND!”…”LOWER BOUND!”…”LOWER BOUND!”…”LOWER BOUND!”Then I thought, “alright, this is stupid; all I need to do to find OPT is to GET UP!”

You will question the point of your existence:

  • “I used to think I was smart and knew things before I took your class”