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August 11th 2014: Introduction to Machine Learning

At this year’s MADALGO Summer School on Learning at Scale, I gave a (very) brief introduction to some of the major themes that appear in machine learning.

Here are the slides (4.5 MB PDF).

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August 08th 2014: Fano’s inequality

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June 25th 2013: Cake cutting Algorithms

This lecture was prepared as part of my graduate algorithms class. However, it’s written in a stand-alone format suitable for use with undergraduates in CS/math. With a bit of tweaking, it might even be made useful for high school students. 


Lecture notes: PDF

I strongly recommend that this lecture be conducted with a demonstration using real cake. But don’t use a crumbly cake, or one with too much icing !

And finally, if you use this lecture and like it, please drop me a note or post a comment. If you’d like help with adapting it to your audience, I’d be happy to help.


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