Frank Stenger, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus
School of Computing
University of Utah

Professor Emeritus Stenger joined the Department in 1989. He is primarily a numerical analyst, although his over 160 publications scatter over many other areas of engineering and science, mostly in subjects related to computation. He has lectured at universities in 21 different countries. He retired from the School of Computing in 2008.

An brief account of Frank Stenger's past and a summary of some of his research up to the present is given in Historical Remarks. A somewhat more detailed list of highlights of his accompishments is given in Numerical Methods Based on Sinc and Analytic Functions, which was published by Springer-Verlag, in 1993. For further information, click here

He has also co-authored a 349-page text, with M. Kowalski and K. Sikorski , entitled Selected Topics in Approximation and Computation, which was published by Oxford in 1995. The authors were awarded "First Prize" for the best scientific work in Poland in 1995. For further information, click here

More recently, he has authored a 482-page text, Handbook of Sinc Numerical Methods, published by CRC Press, in 2010. This text iaminly involves Stenger's Sinc research since 1995. It includes a CD of about 470 Matlab programs. It enables accurate approximation to every operation of calcuus , and it enables the solution to elliptic, parabolic and hyperbolic PDE in all dimensions, over bounded or unbouded curvilinear regions, via use of a finite number of one-dimensional Sinc (small dimensional) matrix multiplications. For more information, click here

He is currently completing a monograph on Navier--Stokes equations, with D. Tucker and G Baumann, a PDE text with G. Baumann, and a Numerical Analysis text with W. Gearhart. The 304--page text entitled Sinc Methods for Quadrature and Differential Equations , by J. Lund and K. Bowers, which was published by SIAM in 1992 is an excellent exposition on this subject, especially for beginners. For further information, click here.

Professor Stenger's recreational interests include cooking, cross-country and down-hill skiing, skating, swimming, boating, back-packing and hiking, the enjoyment of nearly all types of music (including playing harmonica, and recorders), bicycles and bicycling, building construction, watching an occasional great movie on television, watching hockey games, doing crossword puzzles, old fashioned dancing, playing bridge, playing golf, and (when he was younger) boxing, playing baseball, playing softball, playing football, playing hockey, and playing soccer.

He speaks several languages.

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