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dBy the blessing of G-d ב״ה
With the help of heaven בס״ד
Everything belongs to Hashem לה״ו

Dancing with Angels
Hebrew Kabbalah Meditation from
Torah to Self-Improvement to Prophecy
קבלה התבוננות מן התורה אל מוסר אל נבואה
ישם נהרות למדבר, ומצאי מים לצמאון
He places streams in the wilderness, and one finds water in the parched land.[1]

Version – 5/21/2016

This manual will prepare one to hear the words of God, see authentic visions, smell the supernal beauty, touch his/her Grace, and taste the delights of Eden. Study the manual by browsing the table of contents at the end of each web page, links, and footnotes. Let your spirit be your guide and the Ribono Shel Olam (the Master of the World) will reveal what you need to learn next. The work focuses on learning spirituality through sacrifice, character improvement, and the theoretical, meditative, and practical kabbalah. This manual uses prayer, Midrash, Torah, Mussar, kabbalah, and meditation to inspire the soul and the commands such as Shabbat to keep the soul. While I have written down some of my own meditative journeys, in the final analysis one must choose one’s own path and with the blessing of G-d reveal another true path to the Infinite.

For easy browsing, there is an abbreviated table of contents at the end of each web page.

8. Time
13. Prayer
21. Health
25. Music
33. Index

  1. Table of Contents
  2. List of Equations
  3. List of Figures
  4. List of Meditations
  5. List of Tables
  6. List of Text

Recommended Kabbalah links:
613 Audio Lectures Torah lectures from the Orthodox Union
Rabbi Nachman of Breslov audio lectures of Rabbi Aryeh Rosenfeld Z”l.[2] Highly Recommended

Beloved Companions discusses the mystical union of husband and wife

Biblical Genealogy Timeline of history and names by Professor G. L. Esterson of Ra'anana, Israel

Hebrew letter writing[3]

Mechon Mamre side-by-side Hebrew – English bible. Recommended
Mechon Mamre side-by-side Hebrew – English 248 Positive and 365 Negative Commandments

Maqom’s excellent Torah learning site with guided meditations too. Recommended

Nechama Lebowitz outstanding Torah commentary

Rav Kook on the Weekly Parasha Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, 1st Chief Rabbi of Israel, ‘According to Kook's philosophy of repentance, man’s separation from God is not an objective fact but a consequence of human “forgetfulness” of a higher existence. Thus repentance, achieved through Torah learning, can restore man's unity with the divine. A mystic by nature, Kook viewed Jewish national revival as part of the divine plan for strengthening faith against the rising tide of heresy. He expounded this philosophy in several cryptic essays, many of which were published posthumously under the title Orot ha-qodesh, 3 vol. (1963-64; “Lights of Holiness”).’[4]

Metsudah Siddur Hebrew English siddur

Tzaddik How to become

Work of the Chariot includes the following major kabbalistic translations:

Sacred Texts includes:

Servants of the Light includes:

Seforim Online contains PDF Hebrew/English source text files including Reshis Hochmah and the Guide to the perplexed.

Yedid Nefesh contains a translation of Luzatto’s “Kalach Pitchei Chochmah”

[1] Psalm 107:33 – יוסף נתן בן רב אברהם צבי. See Meditation 14-5: Eloah God as Creator p. 315 for an explanation of the Name אל*וה.
[2] for mp3 lectures.
[3] ;
[4] Encyclopedia Britannica 1998.

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