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20 Dancing With Angels

Dancing which uses the entire body completes the highest form of praise to Hashem. Unfortunately, this is often neglected today in religious circles, but in truth, all of us may praise Hashem in this manner. How does Rabbi Nachman’s 7th Beggar without legs heal the world? This is through dancing – מחול and he dances better than the rest of us. And how does he dance without legs, by making the rest of us dance – רקוד in order to carry him into dancing. While we think we are helping him to dance, he is really helping us.[1818]

Meditation 20-1: Angels of Time

Discovered the Angel of the Present – The name is YöHöVîEL – יוֹהוֹוַאֵל [- the Presence of G-d]. [1819],[1820]The angel can direct true answers to a question requiring knowledge of the present time.
The Angel of the Past is YâHâViEL – יַהַוִאֵל .[1821]
The Angel of the Future is YäHäViEL – יֵהֵוִאֵל .[1822]

The derivation is from the vowels on the Name Havayah assigned in the sefirot where Hochmah is past, Binah is future, and Tiferet is the present.[1823]

The name HaSHem is associated with the “verb” and hence related to activity in all time. (see Bahir 3) I invoked the name before a 3 card reading for a Yes/No question and released the angel after the reading was over. That night I was pursued by demons in my dreams for miraculous energy attracts opposing forces as well.

Meditation 20-2: Finding that which Heals

Ira Brandel[1824] led this meditation after blowing the shofar, a ningun, washing the hands, and playing a background tape of music.

“Michael on right, Gavriel on left, Raphael behind, Uriel in front carrying a lamp and the Shechinah above descending as a cloud over you.”[1825] I felt my head turn into sparks and my body cleansed the cloud descended to my feet. I walked upon fresh grasses and they felt pleasant against my feet. As the Shechinah passed over my nose I smelled its fragrance; like the fragrance of flowers in a garden is the air of Hashem. The fragrance was like incense renewing my soul.[1826]

Uriel led us forward carrying a lantern, which swung side-to-side. Eventually the land turned rocky as we began to ascend a mountain. [1827]

At the top of the mountain there was an amphitheater with seating. We looked up at the stars and they were so beautiful. Ira mentioned the moon, which I looked towards but couldn’t see for it was the new moon; the moon to be.[1828] Ira led us to a central plateau where I took pleasure in skipping long leaps and bounds.[1829]

Uriel lit his lamp again (extinguished earlier to see the stars) and led us into a cave. We talked about the beauty of the gems lining the walls. Uriel led us into a chamber and there, Ira said we would find something that would heal us. I saw a light along the wall and as I got closer, I saw it was a beautiful light, orange in color, warm and medium in brightness. It was very bright at first when entering the chamber. I noticed the light was a baby. The baby sneezed then wiped its nose while it continued to sleep. It felt so good and its soul was good. I took one last look; now I realized the soul was sleeping waiting to be born.

More dependable then Earth is Hashem
More sensitive to our needs than Water
More active in this world than Fire
More filled with life than the wind that Blows

Postscript – 1/13/1994
Along the journey, before entering the cave, I recited praises to Hashem, words of tefilah flowed like a river, each praise leading to the next. The praises felt like they would never end.

Meditation 20-3: Dancing with Angels

We reached the location of the Tree of Knowledge in this world.[1830] Recalling the story of Adam and Eve and realizing that we were carrying their souls, I led her instead to the Tree of Life whose upper branches reached into the heavens. She wound herself about me with her hair seven times making me into a base for her to climb the tree and ascended. I stood awaiting for her return, knowing that I was making her ascent possible. She returned but did not tell me what she saw. I ascended alone next, passed the highest branches and beheld a blue-green swirling world of space where small specks of white angels floated gracefully. As I entered from on high, the angels gathered around me realizing my mortal nature. They were singing to Hashem and I recorded their tune. They asked me what I was doing there. I explained that I was seeking to be close to G-d, which meant ascending higher. They corrected me explaining closeness to G-d is obtained by following the mitzvos – commandments and that one does not need to ascend for that. Realizing my mistake, I said it was to be close to the angels of G-d, that brought me here, and they began to circle around me counter-clockwise in elation. We began to spin endlessly in a circle. It was a great dance. Eventually I saw us walking along a cloud towards a gate that opened higher. In the end, I returned gradually with the indescribable memory of the blue-green swirl of space with white specks of angels dancing endlessly with their songs of praise to Hashem.

Meditation 20-4: Dancing with Indians

American Indian dancing and teaching is very beautiful and inspirational.[1831] Indians dance in circles like Hasidic Jews and enjoy chanting which is the same as singing a ningun (wordless melody). One group of dancers calling themselves, the Intertribal Dancers were very beautiful to watch. They were Pawnee, Cherokee, and Sioux. The leader of the group had the following to say after the dance:

I like dancing here before you.
When I dance, I feel my spirit before Grandfather, dancing on mother Earth.
I feel good presenting myself before Grandfather in these beautiful colored clothes.
(David was wearing red and white leather garments,
carrying a spirit stick and dream catcher.)

The leader invited us out to dance and we did a left stepping circle dance to an Indian chant. There were 4 drummers seated around a large drum banging simultaneously on it showing their unity and brotherhood. In one dance the circle broke into a line, which went facing each other and we shook each others’ hands. As a last dance, David led us in the very spiritual Indian 2 step. When the Indians dance they look down at mother Earth as if they are concerned with where they place each step. Each step is down with a sense of asking permission to land on the grass below our feet. Occasionally when David would get low he would give a quick glance at the heavens acknowledging his awareness of Grandfather. It felt so good to dance, my soul pulled me out to dance again.

I saw an Indian family friend of mine from Beth Shalom. Her daughter danced beautifully and her son is very special. He has down’s syndrome but is sensitive, smart, caring, and even wise. He insisted on waiting for a chair to sit on before eating and placing the other plate on another chair since a table wasn’t around. He wouldn’t eat his food with his hands. I went and brought forks and spoons. He chose a spoon. His mother tells me she has a Jewish child. She said since his youth he wouldn’t eat junk food but only healthy foods that would be recognized kosher. We also learned from Erik when he attended services at Beth Shalom. Erik was always so well behaved. He was patient and quiet. He enjoyed our singing and seeing us happy. Today, I also found that he helped me see myself more clearly. He said good-bye to me while I was still talking with his mother. I realized subconsciously I was fidgeting with keys and perhaps giving an anxious impression. His mother spoke to me on healing foods. She said that one should eat a lot of alkaline foods: avocados, pecans to reduce anger. High protein drinks are good for the nerve connections in the brain. Seafood is good for helping thyroid deficiencies: especially kelp.

Meditation 20-5: Indian Wisdom

With the summoning of the archangels, I backed into Raphael and merged with his identity.[1832] I understood his role in healing the world. He goes from person to person bestowing healing in a non-emotional manner. Refuah Adon, the Master Healer, invests the grasses and herbage with healing properties. He gave decaying mold the most powerful of healing properties as He chose a lowly mountain to reveal the Torah, a lowly people as His chosen nation, an impaired speaker to be His greatest prophet, and “the stone that was despised” to become the cornerstone of His temple. The color associated with Raphael is the green color of plants.

We were traveling through a forest and came upon an open clearing in the shape of a circle.[1833] The clearing was covered with grass. There were also trees and birds. There was one path out of the circle heading forward. Each path was bound by surrounding forests. There was also an inclination on each path. Each clearing was circular shaped and covered with grass, a few trees, and animals.

Upon reaching the clearing that I associated with the sefira of Tiferets, Ira mentioned that there was someone sitting in the clearing. I walked up to meet the person. I noticed he was an elder American Indian in my vision. I greeted him and wondered where he came from. He said that he came from Ira. “You see how Ira describes these places, showing respect for nature and its harmony. Ira is my son.” I asked, “how can Ira be your son seeing that he is Jewish.” He said, “He is my Jewish son.”

I asked who he was. He said he was Grandfather. I wondered whether this was the Indian concept of G-d. He said he was not and that he represented the ancestors of his people and their respect for the memory. I noticed that he was gazing towards the light of G-d shining down. He said that he too gazes at the light of G-d, which is the Spirit over all.

I understood better the Indian concept now. When an Indian dances before Grandfather, he is dancing before the spirits of all his ancestors in respect for their customs as well as the Great Spirit. I asked if he had any messages for Ira. He told me that Ira should not worry about the incident with his horses and that this was all part of his learning on nature.[1834] I asked about him finding a wife. Grandfather was seemingly confused by the question. This is part of nature. One does not need to seek her, when she is present, you will find her.

Finally, we began our descent and returned to Beth Shalom. I saw the Indian turn his head back toward the light of G-d as I descended.

Meditation 20-6: Gestation

The goal of this regression was to rediscover the teachings that are revealed to each of us during the pregnancy period.[1835] There is a teaching that before we are born we are taught the Torah for nine months. At the time of birth, our memory of this experience is removed. My goal was to relive and discover the essence of the teaching during the nine months.[1836]

I prepared myself centered between the 4 angels Michael, Gavriel, Uriel, and Raphael. I viewed a line tied from myself to each one providing a secure base in the spiritual realm. I experienced the moment of my birth, which was accompanied by an utter amazement with the great size of the world around. I advanced briefly to the day of circumcision and realized that there is no trauma that can be relived from this experience since the fulfillment of a commandment ends traumatic memories.

As I regressed back into the womb, I saw the place lit up from a book held by a small angel. The angel was the size of a cherub with a mature face and golden long wavy hair and he held a book with a cover of gold and silver. I asked to know what I learned during these nine months. He said I already knew since I had spent my current life learning the same items. I was amazed by the soft comfort and beauty of the place. He explained that it is Malchut that is in Malchut. I recalled the hard cave of Malchut where I’d been many times and noticed the similarities in the cavities. Yet, the walls in this place were soft and that this represented a pure emanation of the energy of Malchut. He invited me over to look into the book and I saw that the pages were all blank. He explained that the Torah one learns during these nine months are the answers to questions asked. I asked a personal question at this point and saw the answer formed in beautiful Hebrew calligraphy on the page. Before each new question, he would turn to a new blank page. I asked what is the higher meaning of the names of the Four Worlds. The blank page filled with an answer and he read, “There is deep significance in these names. They represent a spiritual cycle of life as well. The winter which is called Akra or barren represents the necessary emptiness that one must achieve internally in order to plant a seed for personal growth which is the spring.”

Questions and answers:
  1. What are we supposed to learn in relationships? “These involve increasing patience and understanding, reducing criticism, and helping to create a harmonious environment to raise children.”
  2. How do we know our soul mate? “The person that one marries has a deep purpose that is not always represented by ‘compatible disposition, personal view, or sensitivity’. Sometimes, the relationship is meant to bring a special child into the world who will achieve much good in spiritual leadership in the community.”
  3. I asked what is your name? He told me it is the same as yours with El as the suffix. This meant that his name is Yosefnataniel. He told me that each person has a guide before s/he is born that bears their Hebrew name with the suffix El. The angel of the womb is created specially by G-d for each soul in the coming lifetime to prepare it with the answers to questions it will need to find in the coming lifetime. The questions are already known by the coming child so the angel need only turn the pages of the Book and read the answers.
  4. I asked what happens to the angel after a child is born. He said naturally the angel remains available throughout the current lifetime to provide answers.

At this point, Ira began a summoning of an angelic guide for each of us. I was already ahead of Ira at this point and had to dismiss an intrusive angel that was appearing. The cherub angel extended his right forearm and told me to grasp it and he grasped mine. We began to spin in a wonderful dance in a clockwise circle. I felt other angels entering and dancing in a circle around us. The whole heaven was alive in my mind by the dancing of a myriad of angels in a wreath around us vertically as we spun. I also thought of those around me[1837] and their well-being. The lesson here is that joy elevates the feelings of others in higher worlds as well as this world.

[1818] Angel of the Present – April 14, 1993
[1819] a- fâr, fäte; i- jovîal; o- nöte
[1820] The Ramak, Moshe Cordovero, teaches that the Holam vowel – אוֹ, corresponds to Tiferet, which alludes to the present. Meditation and Kabbalah, p.185.
[1821] Sefer Yetzirah teaches that the sefira Hochmah alludes to the past which is the Patch vowel - אַ
[1822] The Ramak teaches that the Tzeré vowel - אֵ, corresponds to Binah and the future.
[1823] Also see the Chapter on the Names of God: Table 10-7: Vowel Groups of the 42 Letter Name
[1824] Child To Be – Jan. 12, 1994 – 7 PM—Ira Brandell is a healer in the San Jose area. His meditations are gifted and tune automatically to each individual in the group.
[1825] This parallel’s the association of the angels with the sefirot assuming one is facing East like the encampment at Sinai. We face East while meditating in the Shul. East – Tiferet is the direction of the rising Sun and the angel of light is Uriel. To the Right is South – Hesed which is represented by Michael the protector of Israel who transmits kindness. To the Left is North – Gevurah which is represented by Gavriel who brings us to responsibility and discipline which is corrects us spiritually. Behind is West – Yesod which is represent by Raphael who like the Tzaddik heals his people.
[1826] I was teaching a class at a senior home in San Jose called the Chai House. One student’s name was Timber. During the meditation I got the message, “Timber is a precious soul to Hashem and his belief is his Tzaddik for him.” Timber was a Jew who became a 7th day Adventist.
[1827] In the hypnotic state, let the subconscious direct the movement of the body. The conscious mind will eventually realize the wisdom of the subconscious.
[1828] I am typing this entry Rosh Hodesh Av 5756 – July 16, 1996.
[1829] Leaping and bounding in the hypnotic state is like flying in a lucid dream. Taking time to experience pleasure will make future hypnotic sessions easier to enter.
[1830] Dancing with Angels – August 23, 1994 – 3 PM. I prepared the induction with the “What Hypnosis is Like” tape.
[1831] Dancing with Indians – August 17, 1996 – 1 PM
[1832] Sefirotic Ascent and Indian Wisdom – May 14, 1997 – 8:30 PM —Ira Brandell of San Jose, CA led this meditation.
[1833] Next Ira led us on a journey.
[1834] Ira had a barn with several horses, but they died.
[1835] The First Nine Months – November 13, 1996 – 8 PM
[1836] This meditation occurred at Beth Shalom with Ira leading and Monte.
[1837] In the room where we were sitting in a circle.

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