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12 Dreaming of angels

Dreaming is virtual life. Often times our dreams are a nutrient that we are deficient in that our subconscious mind is supplementing. Dreams can also be a spiritual gateway to visit the heavens, angels, or the rich beauty of our precious world. One should acquire a book of dream symbol interpretation. Also one should record ones dreams in a journal. Writing down a dream is the only way to recall every detail.

A dream dictionary can assist you in understanding your dreams. Perhaps the best one ever done is the result of the 22 years of research by Tony Crisp contained in the “Dream Dictionary.”[1329] Interpreting dreams is a prophetic art. This must be done carefully because as the prophet interprets so does one weave reality.

The collection of dreams below describes nutrients of the mind in unconscious dreams, how to achieve conscious lucid dreams, and the pursuit of prophetic dreams.

12.1 Preparing to Dream

Text 12-1: Your Dreams

Don’t let them take your dreams, your dreams are all you Got.

The nighttime is for you, for your dreams, for your life. It is not work time to be rummaging through work problems or even school matters. It is not a time for the anxiety of the day to play itself out over and over again. We must take back our dreams for they are the self. They are our privacy, our hopes, and our joy in life.

So how does one take back ones dreams from slavery? Simply, do not become a slave. Do not make the goals of work overriding in ones mind. Do not let their schedules affect you. ‘You are free’; say that over and over again.

I am free.

Meet once a week with a havurah to discuss spiritual ideas and meditate. Attend daily services and study. One of the best ways to prepare to dream is to meditate.

Meditation 12-1: 8th Day of Passover
[Thought] What is the antonym of depression? Happiness or better, inflation, and you can inflate yourself by blowing into your skin as well.

[Induction] Your eyes are feeling heavy. They are feeling heavier and heavier. It is harder to keep them open now. If they haven’t already closed, just let them close.

Imagine that you are holding a balloon with a string. What color is your balloon? The balloon is filled with helium. Your hand is feeling lighter and lighter. Just let your hand and arm move with the pull of the balloon. As your hand rises, you can see the sky behind the balloon. You may see some clouds or even a bright light.

If you’d like you can release the balloon. You feel yourself changing into a bird now so you can follow your balloon on its journey. Feel your wings and lift and fly. From above you can also view the places below where your balloon leads you.

As your balloon floats higher, you can let yourself change into an angel. Your wings become white as you enlarge. Also your mind becomes angelic. Choose the type of angel that you need to become. You might become a healing angel for someone in need of healing. Take the hands of the other and envision yourselves rotating higher and higher into the sky counterclockwise.

[Thought] If there is sadness over trauma for others who have passed from this world, imagine the heavens where these souls are basking in the light of G-d. There is no more sadness in these souls. They do not recall any earthly sufferings. Their faces show only euphoria as they behold the Light of G-d.

12.2 Unconscious Dreams

Meditation 12-2: Healing by Dance – July 12, 1995
The previous night I studied the Torah, parsha Balak.[1330] This morning I read in Kitzur Shulhan Aruch the importance of reading the morning blessings each day including those before studying Torah. The night before I had the following dream. In my dream, I saw a few people assembling a canopy that would be lifted by four pole bearers, one at each corner. One pole bearer was a rabbi, another a woman. As they raised the canopy, there was a woman in the center under it. She was attractive with an ailment of the legs inhibiting her ability to stand on her own. The canopy attached to her shoulders raised her up, and to her ankles helped her dance. There was music and she was dancing with the other four. Her dancing was great to see, greater than the other four alone. [Dancing is healing and no one must be left out of this joy.]

Now, as I beheld this, I felt some remorse at not participating, and a woman pole bearer fainted sick causing the canopy to collapse. Others ran to her side; I ran as well but the dancing did not continue. [A depressing thought causes instant sickness.][1331]

A healer appeared. There were two sick. The pole bearer was treated physically as I was treated for negative thoughts. The healer led me to a place of crystals. There she took a few natural triangular stones of white base with blue tops and gave them to me. I assembled the stones and she said this would help keep depressing thoughts away.


The dancing brought me back to my youth at BCI[1332] where we would dance the evenings away in circles and lines. Nothing is as rejuvenating as dance and we should do it often. How does the 7th beggar without legs heal by dancing; she is raised up by us holding a canopy giving us a reason to dance with her joy.

Meditation 12-3: Dance – August 9, 1996 – Erev Shabbas
I had two dreams last night that were inspiring. The first was a test to see if I would perform the mitzvah of returning an item that did not belong to me.

I saw in my dream purchasing some goods at a house sale. The goods had some valuable stamps within them that were not part of the product I was purchasing. After I got home, I realized the stamps were there. With zealousness, I returned to the house and called up the owners. For some reason I felt they were aware that the stamps were in the item and that they were part of this test setting me up. They did not appear and the dream ended abruptly. I felt there was another around my bed who left quickly in a dark light.

This is the manner of spiritual tests. I went to Shachris that morning and was the tenth to arrive. I hadn’t made the morning services in a few weeks, but I was up early that morning working. I saw two angels fighting to bless the congregation. The one on the right was trying to grant a blessing with his right hand while the one on the left with his left hand. The one on the right was from Hesed and he was being pushed a way by the one on the left from Gevurah. In the end, they both blessed. After the services, I went home and I just wanted to fall asleep in a sunbeam on the floor. My soul was calling out for this nap. Here I had the second dream.

Meditation 12-4: Playing Musical Instruments on the Sabbath
I was attending a Shabbaton. There was a lot of singing and youthful spirit in the temple service. I felt good to be there. As the Shabbat came closer to an end, a few musicians took up musical instruments and wanted to begin a scheduled evening concert early. When, they started playing I felt wrong. I took the initiative and went up to the guitarist who seemed like a religious guy. I told him it’s not proper to begin playing before Havdalah. He agreed and told the rest of the musicians to put down their instruments. Instead, our singing took the place of the instruments, a singing with great fervor.

The previous day I had gone home from work early, and spent time catching up on cleaning at home. Everything in spiritual growth is connected. One proper act leads to the next ad infinitum. If we give G-d an opening miracles will begin happening. If we give G-d a small opening, he will open the whole world for us.

Meditation 12-5: To be Found, ‘Cno’ waiting for her Master
There was a good dog that lost its owner. The dog had decided to wait in the most visible area in order to be found, a ‘y’ intersection on a roadway. The dog lay in the center of the ‘y’, in triangle repose between the merging of two lanes and rushing traffic. Suddenly a wagon stopped ahead with groceries showing in the back window. Someone got out to help the dog on the roadway, but the dog had been hit and could not rise. One side of its body had been injured.

From behind I walked forth with concern, dressed in a white robe, long brown hair and beard, and feeling the spirit of G-d’s mercy. I told the woman to return to her car and I looked at the dog. I saw on his collar, a medallion with his name Cno. I said, because you have waited even in harms way for your master, so shall you be returned to her in health. I lowered my hands upon him and pronounced, “Rise and be healed”. Cno stood up in confusion, walking like his legs were still injured not understanding that he was healed. Slowly, he walked more confidently, than brought his head close to mine in gratitude. The person from the car, his owner looked in awe and waited for her dog.

We are like the dog in the dream. The half of our body that is injured is from the side of sin. Nevertheless, we have placed ourselves and waited patiently, even in harm’s way so that our Master in heaven may find us and take us home. Cno is mystical for one who sees not danger, but only Nothing, knows and longs for his Owner, her Love, her Home.[1333]

12.3 Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreams are conscious dreams where one is able to control one’s motion and action.[1334] Lucid dreams are opportunities to acquire understanding and wisdom on spiritual subjects. I will give two examples. The first illustrates how wisdom can be drawn from a dream. The second shows how one can progress from a meditative state into a spiritual dream.

12.3.1 Names of God

Meditation 12-6: Names of G-d – May 1, 1993 – 5:00 AM – Saturday
During the night of the dream, I read about the lives of the Ramak, Caro, and Gikatalia. In the dream, I spoke with a maggid, i.e. a guide. Initially, he was in the form of a coworker[1335], but he metamorphosed into a form with an all seeing eye. I asked, “Could you be my Maggid? There was no answer. I asked whether I had to know all the Talmud before receiving a maggid. “No.” The Ramak says a maggid comes through repeated meditations on Torah verses. The maggid in the dream hinted there must be a unification of Torah, mind, soul, and body. I called out the following phrases in my mind:

Eheyeh asher Eheyeh is the crown of the Universe (Keter). I rose from the world and soared past the planets.

Yah is the beginning of Wisdom (Hochmah)
YHVH (pronounced Elohim) is the source of Understanding, which divides the Universe into distinct components (Binah).

El is the source of goodness (Hesed).
Elohim brings forth justice and judgment and discipline (Gevurah).
YHVH (Adonai) is the splendor of the world (Tiferets).
YHVH (Adonai) Tzevaot is the eternity of eternities (Netzah).
Elohim Tzevaot is the source of eternal praise and thankfulness to Hashem (Hod).
El Chai, Shaddai lays the foundation of the world (Yesod).
Adonai is the gateway to the heavens (Malchuts).

Meditation 12-7: Hypnosis to Lucid Dreaming – June 5, 1993 – 5 AM
Entering a lucid dream is facilitated by practicing hypnosis early in the morning, which is the time we tend to be most aware of our dreams. Lucid dreams occur when one is refreshed and thus tend to happen more often when one is already rested, i.e. during morning sleep.

Meditation 12-8: Foam on Ocean Waves – Clouds over the Earth
6/5/1993 – 5 AM
I listened to the Earth, Wind, Fire, and Air tape. Towards the end of the hypnotic session, I shifted slightly into a curled position and entered a lucid dream. I experienced rapid travel while gazing backwards over several green hills and bodies of water. I noticed the foam on ocean waves resembled clouds over the earth from an outer space perspective. I tried to maintain the lucid state by counting down.[1336] I exited into a light sleep. The key to success in obtaining a lucid dream is alertness, energy, and concentration when one begins.

Meditation 12-9: Hypnosis to Lucid Dreaming – April 9, 1997 – 9 AM

4/9/97 – 9 AM
I listened to the Letter Ascension tape. The tape’s introduction brought me to a river and suggested that I see something in the water” and that I should take it out. At first, it was like a cross and than a double cross, but than it appeared like the Shield of David.[1337] Finally, I saw the form of a rod[1338] shaped as a small sword. Upon the face of the rod was the Star of David.[1339]

Figure 12-1: The Focus

The goal for the hypnotic session was to discover the answer to a biblical question. I sought to understand the purpose of the high priest’s role and hereditary class in Judaism. I rose into the sefira of Malchuts. I was in a large cavern and there was a ray of light from a point high above entering the room.[1340] The tape guided one to visualize the letter Tav that connects Malchuts to Yesod. Through the Tav, I rose into the light of Yesod. The tape next asked to visualize the letter Yod. This brought me into the sefira of Netzah. This is the place of the spiritual Mt. Sinai and is symbolized by the patriarch Moses. To understand the priesthood, I knew I had to reach the sefira of Hod, which is the place of Aaron, the high priest. There is a mountain rising in Netzah whose base is in Hod. This is Sinai. Moses is on the mountain in communication with G-d. Aaron is in the valley with the people leading praises. The tape would continue to lead me upwards by visualizing the letter caph to go to Hesed, but I suggested to myself, “turn the tape off.”

Now how does one reach Hod? An ocean connects Netzah and Hod represented by the letter Mem. An angel guards the ocean. His name is Mayimel. I called his name and he appeared huge, towering into the heavens. He is the ruler of the Water Elements and appears like a towering wave whose top lips over into a face. At first, I was struck by his great height and then I called his name, and he lowered to me. I climbed upon his top, his head, and he began to take me across the great ocean. The distance was far but this was his element and his travel was swift. Finally as we approached the place of Hod, he lowered and I dismounted. I was thankful for the transport and I tossed him the focus that I had found in the river at the beginning of the vision. He took it up in his mouth and departed.[1341] I inquired again on the purpose of the priesthood. I saw with my own eyes the purpose. While Moses was on the mountain, the people needed a leader in his place. At first, I thought this might be Joshua, but he still served Moses and had not been brought before them. Only Aaron had a similar status in their eyes. The priesthood is from Moshe’s family as a symbol of an eternal connection with the Torah from Sinai. Even though our leaders depart, the priests descendent from Aaron continue to symbolize this eternal connection.

I turned and progressively entered a lucid dream. I felt myself rising off the ground into flight. All around the world was lit by the sunrise. I approached a place like Zion National Park near Cedar City in the South of Utah. There I beheld the modest red sandstone mountains of the park. I soared over them in various places. I desired to stay close to the ground for a better look and then soared straight up and over cliff faces. I was seeking to come close to G-d. I was wearing gloves and I removed the left to look at my hand and then the right to see the other hand. I saw their lines and their color was correct. I desired to be in the hand of G-d. All of a sudden I felt an incredible force pulling from behind me and I soared backwards; the wind passing swiftly by my sides. I then flew over the green land gazing at its harmony and beauty. I saw a large locomotive train and tennis courts as I came close to the ground. I sought to know the common denominator and I realized, “these are a few of my favorite things.” I had been to Zion Park. I remember locomotives of various cities, Sacremento and Silverton. I played tennis regularly in my youth. There was another common factor, I have not seen such places or done this activity in a long time and my soul was yearning for them.[1342]

We are only in this world for a short while; we must always remember to enjoy G-d’s creation. This is a pathway to joy and a pathway to G-d.

Meditation 12-10: Longing for Israel – July 16, 1998

Listened to hypnosis tape before going to sleep and then fell into lucid dream. In the Lucid dream, I let myself fly without control. This is the secret to control and prolong a dream in general. Let the subconscious direct the movement wherever it wills. In this manner, I rose abruptly over upcoming objects, and swoop close to the ground past other objects without harm. I would even have fun; for example, by bouncing off telephone lines. Before flying I chose a large towl to take with me, I thought to take a brown one, but it was a blue multicolored one instead. This helped in the flying.

I was moving and spoke to someone who was also moving. He was from Israel and we spoke briefly.

I found someone living alone, very depressed without legs. I saw an army uniform from Tzahal and asked to talk with him. He didn’t want to, he didn’t want pity. I said I know how it is to be alone and I said let us just talk. He still didn’t want to, even after I said I want to talk for myself alone (no pity). Nothing, he sat on the floor without legs. I mentioned Israel and he perked up. I said I wanted to live there. He asked where. I said there is a place in the North, a small town next to Lake Kinneret, but I didn’t know the name. (Probably this was a town like Yavne near the lake). Then I said K’far Channanya. He shook his head, but felt impelled to get up to show me something. Out of nowhere, legs sprouted as he stood. It was like they were always there but hidden. He went over to a filing cabinet. He was very organized. He pulled out a folder on Israel, which contained a map. We opened it and it was a map of Jerusalem. There was a small map of Israel in a corner and a funny small map of San Francisco on it like a sister city to Jerusalem. We could not find the name of the town.

12.3.2 Raziel

I discovered a 12th quasi sefira, which is the location of remez or secret knowledge. The quasi-sefira Daat represents knowledge. Now a 12th quasi-sefira called RaZ is a place of secret knowledge.[1343]

Meditation 12-11: Support Each Other Before the Other Nations

I played the letter ascension tape. As I looked into the stream, I saw various symbols forming. First, I saw the Star of David[1344] focus from the previous vision. Than I saw the letter Z within it and then another Z mirrored. I composed them in my mind and then lifted the hourglass symbol out of the star.

Figure 12-2: Symbol of Raziel

I visualized the letter Tav – ת along with the tape and ascended from the level of Malchuts into Yesod. The goal for this hypnotic session was to find answers to mysteries. The tape led to a visualization of the letter Resh – ר that is the vertical path to Tiferets. At this point, I combined the Resh with the letter ‘Z’ from the Zayin I saw in the stream, to make the Hebrew word, RaZ – רז which refers to allegories, secrets, or mysteries in the Torah. I called the angel Raziel to pursue this further. At the level of Yesod, an angel descended. In the white light, I saw an angel with black robes. He veiled his face with part of the robe as he landed and beckoned. I put my arms around his neck from behind and we ascended. From his backside, I could not see where we went and I sensed that the place we were traveling to is hidden from all mystic plane travelers. Upon landing in the dark world, the angel unveiled himself and I saw a frightening face. I realized this was not the angel Raziel and I called his name again. I turned to notice another angel in dark robes. As I approached him, I saw that his face was old and his head was balding, but that this angel bore the countenance of a man. He said not to be afraid. The angel that bore me here is a guardian who deters the unwelcome. He told me to come close. He asked what I seek to know.

I sought to understand by what individual merit are the mysteries of the Universe bestowed. He responded:
By the knowledge of the seeker
By the seeker’s deeds
By the longing in the seeker’s heart

Occasionally, the seeker may fall into bad straits and his/her knowledge may become impaired and even his/her good deeds may be lacking; still, there is a way back to discover the answers to the mysteries and purpose of life. This is by the longing in the seeker’s heart.

Not by knowledge, nor by deed, but by the longing in your heart

The angel asked me to come close and I merged with the angel. At this moment, the answer to several mysteries became known. I sought a prophetic message to bring back to the people, but I learned that I was not the messenger. Still, I asked—could I know the message and the response was yes:

The Jewish people must learn to love each other first above other peoples. Unlike other peoples, we do not usually look out for the interest of our brethren first. We must always support each other before the other nations.

The following story is from the Maharal of Prague.[1345] In a conversation with the Archbishop of Prague the Maharal records the Archbishop saying,

“You Jews claim that you are a good nation. Observably you seem to have a pension for trouble or evil. It is not that we accuse you of being evil to those outside your own tribe. It is not that we are accusing you of. You Jews are really bad. Not because you treat us badly or other nations; this we could understand, we don’t like you, you don’t like us. No, because you are not good for each other. All of these teachings, you shall love the neighbor as yourself stuff and then the harm you inflict upon your neighbor. I submit that you treat your neighbor worse than we treat our neighbor. You guys don’t hang together. The harms you guys can inflict on each other. I submit that you treat each other worse than we treat each other.”

The Maharal had three answers. Jews are at each other’s throats because galut (exile) is unnatural. Galut is divisiveness between the Jewish people. The Archbishop said, “You’re wrong. It goes back to Josef and your brothers. You have it in your bones.” The Maharal said, “You have a prima-facie case. Yet, the source of this is not the impoverished state of the Jewish people. It is the nobility of the Jewish people gone awry. This nation by its nature tends to importance to the nobility of the soul more than other people. Hakodesh Baruch Hu (the Holy One) has elevated us above other nations but our sins have gotten in the way. The creation of the Jewish people dictated that the Jewish people have different yearnings. You can see that when we are up against the wall we come back to being one people. Jews are a people into meaning and ideas. If we are on the right track we’re into Torah, if not, other ideas. The Galut is infighting and divisiveness. When we are an Am, a people, we are drawn back to our nation.”

Raziel said if there are more factual items that I want to know I should ascend to the angel Yedeiel who is in the quasi-sefira of Daat. I ascended. I sought to know the locations of certain misplaced items and saw visions of their location. I pulled out the symbol I had found in the stream and looked at it which caused me to return to the place of Raziel. I offered the symbol to the angel and Raziel placed it upon his forehead and told me that the symbol was his very own.[1346]

After I descended and emerged from hypnosis, I realized that the location of the place of Raziel is in the pathway between Tiferets and Yesod. This place is the 12th quasi sefira, RaZ. The sefira is accessible when Netzah and Hod come together in unity like Hochmah and Binah for Daat. In this manner, Netzah and Hod symbolize prophecy and their joining opens the gateway to RaZ and the answer to mysteries.

Raz has the gematria 207 which is the same as Or – אור –light.[1347]

Text 12-2: Levi Krakovsky
For as we learn in the Kabbalah, the numerical value of roz which means mystery or secret is the same as that of ohr which is light. Also the word Zohar is a combination of two words ‘zeh or’—this is light to indicate that the teachings of the Kabbalah transmit the light which resides in the Torah. The sages of the Talmud teach that God, Torah and Israel are one. In otherwords, the three are but one in essence. The Creator is spirit, the light, which resides in the Torah is spirit, having its source in Him, and the soul of Israel also is spirit, since it is a part of God.

The Talmud further alludes to the light of the Torah holding its mysteries:[1348]
Text 12-3: Berachot 17a
When the Rabbis took leave from the school of R. Ammi — some say, of R. Hanina — they said to him: May you see your requirements provided in your lifetime, and may your latter end be for the future world and your hope for many generations; may your heart meditate understanding, your mouth speak wisdom and your tongue indite song; may your eyelids look straight before you, may your eyes be enlightened by the light of the Torah and your face shine like the brightness of the firmament; may your lips utter knowledge, your reins rejoice in uprightness and your steps run to hear the words of the Ancient of Days.

G-d has chosen to reveal his secrets through light.[1349]

Meditation 12-12: Angel of Love
I focused my mind on the symbol of Raziel and ascended from Malchuts to his place. The angel taught its approach to demon and angel summoning for learning all secrets. First, he drew the following symbol:


Then we both entered into the area together. The symbol was for protection from deception and other trickery. He summoned the shedu, Asmodeus, who appeared as a short man with dark clothing. He showed that any answer pertaining to the material world could be extracted from the shedu. Nevertheless, these answers serve little benefit for the soul. In order to release the angel he erased his symbol in the air.


Next, he summoned the angel of love whose name is Anael. This angel appeared small, white, and feathery in a bright light. He asked the angel to show us ‘love’. The angel opened a portal and inside created a picture. First, he waved his arm to display a rainbow of butterflies. A mountain was behind the butterflies and a grass valley with water was below. The meditation guide, Ira, spoke of bonds that need to be freed at this point disturbing the tranquil picture but forcing the angel to reveal that sometimes love does have binds that restrict. For everything, there is a balancing force. He then dismissed the angel by erasing its symbol, a heart:


The name Raziel has gematria 248.[1350] This is the number of positive commandments in the Torah. The gematria of Bamidbar – “in the wilderness” is also 248. The essence of the wilderness or desert is to make ones mind empty of mundane thoughts and to fill it with the wonder of G-d’s world ready to receive inspiration. Pursuing the positive commands also empties the mind of the mundane and fills it with what is important to linking with Hashem.

There are 7 Palaces in Beriyah and 7 Heavens in Yetzirah. Raziel teaches that all the worlds have a one-to-one correspondence. In the world of Asiyah there are 7 Continents: N. America, S. America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Antarctica. In Atzulut there are 7 lower sefirot are: Hesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzah, Hod, Yesod, and Malchuts. What are the sefirot? These are the 10 sayings of the creation of the world. Sefer Raziel describes 390 heavens. This is from the Gematria of Shamayim – שמים. Also there are 390 skies, but this is less significant.

The Zohar alludes to Raz:

The mystery of Shabbat: She [malchut] is on Shabbat united within the mystery of Oneness so that the [supernal] mystery of Oneness may rest upon her. [This takes place during] the Maariv Prayer of Shabbat eve, for then the holy Throne of Glory merges in the mystery of Oneness, and is ready for the holy transcendent King to rest upon it.[1351]

The sefirot are aligned according to the Bahir on Shabbat (see Figure 17-5: The Kabbalistic Tree in Two Systems). Here the Queen is above so that below is Yesod and above is Tiferet. On Shabbat, Malchut is within the quasi-sefira of Raz. The Zohar mentions mystery four times here for the four worlds that are united in their place with Raz. For the Tanach sources of mystery see the Appendix on RaZ.

12.3.3 Lamed Vavniks

The לו Lamed Vavniks by tradition are 36 saintly souls whose z’chus – merits tip the scale of justice in favor of the preservation of mankind.[1352] The tradition is that there must always be 36 select individuals for the world to continue. While some might be leaders of the generation, others may be lesser known. The idea is from Isaiah 30:18, where the word, ‘lo’ has the gematria 36 from lamed 30 + vav 6.

Blessed are all those who wait for him – wl ykwj lk yrca

Meditation 12-13: The Lamed Vavniks
12/10 Thursday Morning:
On the early morning of 12/10, I had a dream of rising up and over the peaks of sunlit mountains with the colors of a sunrise (warm orange). The mountains were of a warm hue much like the sandstone rock gardens of Colorado [Garden of the G-ds, Colorado Springs, Colorado]. At the top I could see a valley on the other side with the tribes of Jeshurun[1353]. I was way up, several miles high and the mountains formed a ring around the luscious green valley. I then descended in a swoop to the base and landed on the green grass.

KNOW that there is a field where the most beautiful and pleasant trees and herbs grow. The precious beauty of this field and its plants and trees is impossible to describe. Happy is the eye that has seen it![1354]

12/11 Shabbat Evening Services:
On Shabbas eve at Habad [in Palo Alto], I saw more of the vision. In the valley, there are righteous men davening[1355] to Hashem. They are there for Kabbalas Shabbat. They have a leader, the Baal Koreh [the Master of Calling out to G-d] and the grass and mountains pray with them. The “mountains skip like lambs,” (Psalm 114:4) but their minds are on Hashem, the source and reason for this joy!. The Shechinah descends and rests amongst them. I saw myself dancing with her, all dressed in white, a dance of joy, a dance to Hashem. She spun round and under about me and I was pleased to be there.

12/11 Evening Dinner: At dinner I saw the men in black around their Shabbas table. I wanted to know who they were? I learned that there are 36 including the leader and they are the Lamed Vavniks, the righteous ones whose prayers sustain the world. As my host made kiddush, I saw their leader doing the same and he drank first and then the rest of us followed, so it was with bread and each course of the meal. As my host brought and poured me water so did the leader for the others. The love of the others for their leader is great and their presence in the valley is eternal. The valley is a place from the world to come for living tzaddikim to meet together.

12/12 Shabbas Morning:
As I was walking to the Minyan, I felt a little down from the previous night’s later discussions but I wanted to feel joyful for the Rashi Shir, so I began to sing.[1356] I chose the “Morning has Broken” song as a base and built upon it with grasses singing and mountains dancing. I was again in the Valley, but this time praying with them and realizing the support of all nature for my prayers and their object was Ribono Shalom. When walking home, I again sung and saw grasses rising up all around me and the thankfulness of the trees and my prayers were elevated. Now I am running, “May I run to you forever Hashem.

This past Shabbas I was studying in the Bet Hamidrash when Hashem sent me a cherub who said, “What are you doing here?” I responded that I’m studying. He said, “Its kiddush time; its kiddish time.” Finally, I complied realizing it is a greater mitzvah to partake in kiddush over wine with the Edut [congregation] than to study alone.
This morning I prayed on the subject of what I should tell my parents before making a shidduch. When one prays before the Almighty, it is better to ask the more important questions than to remind G-d of our daily aches and pains. With our parents it is more so; one should not cause them to worry.

12.3.4 Dissolving Violent Dreams

Meditation 12-14: Dissolving Violent Dreams
Dissolving Violent Dreams – October 28, 1993
Face up and defeat fear.

I had a dream where a person was threatening me. I defended myself and grabbed the person’s hair. Tumah or impurity is in the hair. I then became lucid and resisted. I said, “I will not fight this person.” I released his hair. Only the evil adversary who is inspiring these dreams will I fight. As I sought for his face, a thousand faces appeared before me of others; the adversary hides behind the masks of others. I said, “They are not the source though they have fallen prey to the evil inclination.” I said, “Show me your face, evil one.” The evil is not within us but is outside and it seeks an entry point. The entry can be greed, lust, superficial worries, or even depression. Eventually a slight face formed, totally evil but faint, powerless, and alone. He would not appear to me in strength and majesty for alone evil is weak and cowardly. His strength comes only from those who surrender, Has V’shalom, but when facing him in my dream his power dissolved and his countenance vanished.

12.3.5 Messiah vision Messiah vision I

Meditation 12-15: Messiah Vision I
7/27/93 B"H
Tish B Av
5 PM

Decided to do a meditation to keep my mind off of food. Quickly rose
to the level of Malchuts. I felt the whole floor elevated as I entered
this level on my own. I then lifted myself to Yesod. All around were
towering angels. With the slightest thought Gavriel, Michael, Uriel
and Raphiel descended to the 4 corners of my body. They lifted me as
I looked upwards towards Tiferet like a spread sheet. A 5th angel
joined by the name of Nuriel and Uriel took a center position under my
body. We ascended above Tiferets and I felt as if I was floating in
clouds and blue sky.

As we rose higher, I thought about what I wanted to do. I wanted to
know of the Messiah some more. I then saw one like the Son of Man
coming down and there was a crown upon his head lowered quickly from
above. I prostrated myself before him and he turned his head upward
towards G-d saying, "why do you prostrate before me, there is only G-d."
He lifted me up and we were the same height for he was a man and not an

He told me to find the answers, I should look into his eyes. The eyes
were a swirling blue and green like water currents and I began to feel
faint. I felt like I might lose consciousness if I gazed too long upon
them. I opened my eyes and said I must eat. The experience was too
dangerous. Messiah Vision II

In the spiritual realm, souls take on supernatural forms. Thus souls may appear as angels, powers, or even demons while in the physical world they are merely human beings.[1357]

Meditation 12-16: Messiah Vision II
Messiah II – October 28, 1996
During the night, I had the following dream:

I beheld a sunrise and before it I saw the image of one like the Son of G-d rising high. There was warmth of light upon his face and his arms were outstretched to receive me. I felt an incredible sense of comfort, safety, security, and peace as I moved towards the entity. I saw myself as a light soaring up to a point near his forehead. I felt the rise of kavanah, fiery truth in my soul that indicates a true vision. Being a Jew, this vision perplexed me. In the dream, I thought the being to be as the Christians claim their savior.

Earlier in the day, I was watching a program about the conflict in the Middle East where the Christian moderator said, “the conflict will not end until the Son of G-d comes again to bring all parties to peace.” Certainly, a great leader/messiah that all parties respect and acknowledge as G-d’s anointed could make us realize the futility of our struggles and the higher purposes of G-d. Nevertheless, the messiah will also have to show an acceptable resolution to the issues of the conflict.

The next morning I sought the meaning of the dream. Fundamentally, I believe that there is only one true divine power and that is G-d. Yet, I cannot deny the complete comfort I felt in the experience of this spiritual being. Perhaps this is the reason for the principle that we are commanded as Jews to believe in the coming of Messiah.[1358] This is to remind and comfort us with the idea of a saving leader who will also care about each of us as individuals. The three passages below shed some light on the meaning of the vision:[1359]

(Isaiah 62:1-3) For the sake of Zion I will not be silent, For the sake of Jerusalem I will not be still. Till her victory emerge resplendent and her triumph like a flaming torch. Nations shall see your victory, and every king your majesty. And you shall be called by a new name, which the Lord Himself shall bestow. You shall be a glorious crown in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the palm of your G-d. ...

(Isaiah 62:8-12) The Lord has sworn by His right hand, by his mighty arm, “Nevermore will I give your new grain to your enemies for food, nor shall foreigners drink the new wine for which you have labored. But those who harvest it shall eat it and give praise to the Lord. And those who gather it shall drink it in My sacred courts.” Pass through, pass through the gates. Clear the road for the people; build up build up the highway, remove the rocks. Raise an ensign over the peoples. See, the Lord has proclaimed to the end of the earth, “Announce to Fair Zion, Your Deliverer is coming! See, his reward is with Him, His recompense before Him.” And they shall be called, “The Holy People, the Redeemed of the Lord,” and you shall be called, “Sought Out, A City Not Forsaken.”

The angelic entity I saw in my dream is an expression of G-d Himself.[1360]

(Kings I 11:36) To his son I will give one tribe, so that there may be a lamp for My servant David forever before Me in Jerusalem—the city where I have chosen to establish My name.

This suggests that the Messiah, descendent of David will be the anointed. The final question I asked was to explain why I imagined an association with Jesus and the dream.

(Kings 20:41-43) Quickly he removed the cloth from his eyes, and the king recognized him as one of the prophets. He said to him, “Thus said the Lord: Because you have set free the man whom I doomed, your life shall be forfeit for his life and your people for his people.” Dispirited and sullen, the king of Israel left for home and came to Samaria.

The prophet represents a messiah who is setting free the ‘doomed’ man, but in consequence forfeits his own life and descendants. The king of Israel is like Hashem, who watches the process unfold. In my dream, this prophet messiah became a great angel in the spiritual world, like Metatron and Sandalfon[1361], yet different. As a result of the self-sacrifice and love he expressed in his lifetime, his angelic nature became an expression of Hashem’s comfort and a message of redemption. This is the ‘Right Hand’ of Hashem, his messenger of deliverance in our world.

The messenger whether in the form of G-d as our Deliverer,
a righteous anointed king who cares for his subjects,
a prophet who risks his own life to save others,
is the essence of our belief in messiah.
May he come swiftly in our days
even through our daily hopes
and longing dreams.

12.4 Spiritual Dreaming

12.4.1 Hypnotic Dreaming

Spiritual dreams have been monumental experiences to prophets of yore. In order to have this dream one must immerse oneself in the material that one wishes to experience. There are three steps here. Immediately after awakening study a kabbalistic or pure religious text for inspiration. Prepare a tape recorder with a hypnosis or meditation tape. Find a comfortable place for the meditation like a recliner. Begin the hypnotic meditation with the tape. Set as your goal an objective from the inspirational text.

Meditation 12-17: Deciphering Mystical Passages by Spiritual Dreaming
The day was the 32nd day of the Counting of the Omer corresponding to Netzah in Hod that is a complete day of prophecy revealing the 32 paths of wisdom. I was browsing through ‘Meditation and Kabbalah’ as my inspirational text and came across a passage translated from the Gates of Light. The passage puzzled me and I selected it as an objective for my meditation. [1362]

Know and believe that there is a mystical method involving the purification of the limbs,
through which it is possible for a human being to attach himself to the Divine Presence,
even though it is a “consuming fire.” [1363]

I listened to a hypnosis tape, directing me to clear away any preoccupations or worries. My goal was to discover the meaning of the above statement.

I spent most of the meditation on cleansing thoughts and shut off the tape in the middle, which permitted me to enter a lucid dream shortly thereafter. As I attempted to ascend the sefirot I was confronted with numerous obstructing spirits. They were born out of the impurities of my own body, magnified as always by heightened spiritual awareness.

I destroyed each obstructing spirit by reminding myself in each encounter that
“I am for G-d” and not for the values of this spirit.[1364]
[This is a method of attaching to the Divine Presence though it be a “consuming fire”]

I noticed snow falling around me and I looked up and saw a central cloud in a blue sky that was the source of the snow. I sensed that the snow was coming from the storehouses in heaven, where the reward is stored up for the righteous in this world. I attempted to will myself upward to the cloud, but there was a strong head wind. I invoked the names El Shaddai and Eheyeh in my mind.[1365] The first meaning ‘All Mighty’ to overcome any obstacle forces, the second meaning, ‘I Will Be’, corresponding to the name of G-d associated with the high place of Keter to request a lifting force. I rose up into the high clouds eventually emerging above them.

I saw buildings in a bright sunlight but no people. As I searched for the people I saw a city in a valley in the distance with mountains behind the city. I realized the good light stored up for us in the world to come is similar to our own world.[1366] In fact the world we have here can be this paradise if we make it so.

The “consuming fire” is a reference to Deuteronomy 4:24.
For the Lord your G-d is a consuming fire, He is a jealous G-d.

This fire burns and destroys impurity. For the totally wicked nothing else would remain, but for the rest of us the fire cleanses us leaving a pure soul.[1367] The “mystical method involving the purification of the limbs” is nothing other than high spiritual meditation that purifies the soul and cleanses the body. The order here indicates that the soul must have some purity even to begin to meditate whereupon ‘high spiritual meditation’ cleanses the body.

12.4.2 Prophetic Dreams

Dreams can be prophetic in nature. Food, learning, and purity all affect our ability to have and interpret prophetic dreams. Food

The food that one eats, whether kosher or not, whether vegetarian or not, whether milk based or not, effects the dreams one has. Non-kosher meat is a danger for violent dreams due to trauma from the method of slaughter. These images are then combined with other stresses in our life to create nightmares. By keeping kosher we elevate the spirituality of our dreams so that the stress in our life has little impurity to hold on to, improving our dreams in helpfulness and inspiration:[1368]

Text 12-4: Rabbi Nachman of Breslov on the Affect of our Food on Dreams
Now, like Yosef, someone who has achieved a perfection of his Holy Tongue is capable of interpreting the dreams of deep sleep, as explained there. This is because dreams are determined by foods that one eats, as is brought.[1369] We’ve seen that in every thing there are letters. And so, when a person lays down and sleeps, the vapors of the foods he’s eaten ascend and rise to the brain. The letters which they contain are combined, and from this the dream is made. Learning

For a period of two years I read the Bahir in the evening before falling asleep, particular on Friday night. Usually this led to a prophetic dream the same night on the subject I was studying.[1370]

Text 12-5: Arizal on studying kabbalah
It is incumbent upon every person to study every day the bible, Mishnah, Talmud, Kabbalah...
The engagement in the wisdom of the Kabbalah and its sources is successful on Friday after midday, and inside the sukkah on the festival of Sukkot. Also the night of the festival of Shavuot is a good time for studying the kabbalah.[1371] Purity

Dreams can have important spiritual significance. At times when we are in a state of cleanliness, they can even point us in a direction we need to go.[1372]

Meditation 12-18: Freeman in Israel
At last to be a freeman in Israel is better than to be in exile. All night long I had dreamt of other countries and dreadful times. I awoke at 2 AM and read a little of the Fifth Sphere, Tiferets, in the Gates of Light.[1373] I read that we are judged by three names. Each has thirty garments, which are the thirty years Ezekiel spoke of before Jerusalem was condemned to destruction. The thirty garments have thirty corresponding names that are like instruments in the hands of their ministers. The other nations of the world are identified with the instruments executing judgment. Some are judged by the name of Hashem alone without garments. This is the way of true love between G-d and us forever and ever – Amen!

Later that night I had the best of all dreams. I dreamt I had reached Israel on my travels. I walked past a post office thinking to buy a stamp to send a post card or to exchange money, but than I saw an Israel Discount Bank across and down the street. Inside the bank, I got on the fastest line, which was the farthest right and saw that there were multiple tellers handling the line and one was already open, calling me. They do things so speedily in the banks in Israel! I told her I wanted to cash a hundred dollars in traveler’s checks, which I gave her and she asked for some ID. All I had was old ID cards from college and high school days. She accepted them in lew of my passport, which I told her I must have left in my bag. She commented that the stamp is fading on these cards however.[1374] I felt incredible joy to be in my homeland!

12.5 Dream Tools

12.5.1 Dream Cards

A Dream Card is a recording of a dream’s story line in a collage of images in a single picture. During a single night one may collect ten or so of these cards one for each dream. They reveal the will of the dreamer and the truth of his or her dreams. Dream cards are seen within a dream near morning with a transcript of the previous night. One may capture these images by using a camera in a dream.

12.5.2 Seeing ones Hands

Popularized by Carlos Casteneda, seeing ones hands while dreaming will trigger one to recall that one is dreaming enabling a lucid dream.

12.5.3 Disorientation

Disorientation is a key to extending a lucid dream and specifically flying within one. The key is to let yourself rotate so that you are flying backwards willing your direction. Flying backwards removes the conscious obstacle to taking off in a dream as the subconscious mind gains control.

[1330] See Balak
[1331] Interestingly, today as I am writing this–7/9/96, I saw in Border’s Books a book called, The Empty Chair excerpts from Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. I opened the book to a teaching which said, One must make every effort to be joyful in life, even if one has to do something silly. Other quotes dealt with the destructive force that comes with depression, has v’shalom. This dream also parallels Reb Nachman’s story of the 7 Beggars who were great healers. The greatest of the beggars was the one who healed by dancing but had no legs. The story concludes by Reb Nachman stating that the secret of this beggar’s healing would only be revealed in the time of Moshiach.)
[1332] Brandeis Camp Institute is a summer program for college age students from 18-25 in Simi Valley which is north of LA. The program was run by Dennis Prager when I attended in August 1980.
[1333] Monday 11/04/2002, 9:10 AM after studying Rabbi Isaac of Acco’s ‘Light of the Eyes’ and Abulafia’s ‘The Treasury of the Hidden Eden.’
[1334] See Stephen Leberge’s books for proven methods for experiencing these dreams.
[1335] This was Mike Liveright who in some ways has been a mentor in my life. Visions in dreams are more susceptible to image metamorphosis. see Ovid’s Metamorphosis.
[1336] In hypnosis we count down to deepen the state of a trance. The same technique deepens a lucid dream. Similarly, Stephen Leberg wrote about spinning out or disorienting oneself as a technique for maintaining a lucid dream.
[1337] Magen David.
[1338] A foot in length.
[1339] The Focus is a meditative symbol for transforming reality. For example, on the day this was contemplated an Earthquake occurred at 10:15 AM in San Jose, California. A prophet’s staff is a similar symbol. All staffs from a living tree are ultimately from the Tree of Life the source of all trees.
[1340] From the sefira of Yesod.
[1341] This is similar to the vision of the angel in Binah where I gave her a Heh that I had found in a river at the beginning of the journey. See Merkavah
[1342] A Pisces should visit these types of places regularly or live there.
[1343] Secrets – April 12, 1997 – 8 AM
[1344] One triangle is man raising his arms up to G-d and the other is like G-d lowering arms to man.
[1345] Alderstein Maharal Lecture “Maharal, Israel, Exile, and Redemption” by Rabbi Adlerstein at Beth Jacob for the Jewish Studies Institute of the Yeshiva of Los Angeles on Jan. 13, 1998 taped by Dovid Silverstein.
[1346] Raziel keeps the secrets of soul mates. He also knows the quality of different locations and how they match each soul. He does not give these answers freely, but one must merge and become the angel to obtain the knowledge. Ironically, most often one will find that these answers will agree with what we each already know deep down in our soul.
[1347] Kabbalah, The Light of Redemption, Isaac Krakovsky, p.36, 1970
[1348] Ibid pp.36-37
[1349] Secrets II – April 23, 1997. This meditation was led by Ira Brandell at Beth Shalom at the end of the 2nd day of Passover.
[1350] Secrets III – May 10, 2001
[1351] Zohar II 135a-b quoted in the Chabad siddur pp.133-134. Realized on Shabbas Hanukah November 29, 2002 during services at Chabad of Salt Lake City.
[1352] The Lamed Vavniks – The 36 Saints – December 12, 1994 – Rosh Hodesh Adar – Malava Malcah
[1353] G-d refers to Israel with this fond name which takes us back to the time when Joshua by the hand of G-d led us into Israel and we served G-d completely and wholeheartedly. The generation that entered Israel was like a new born child, innocent of the idolatrous ways of other peoples.
[1354] Likutey Moharan I:65 quoted in Garden of the Souls, page 37.
[1355] Praying an individual manner, often accompanied by standing and shifting one’s weight side to side or forward and back. The movement is like the waves of a flag which catch the eye of Hashem to our needs.
[1356] Stan Sussman leads the Minyan’s Rashi shir each Saturday morning at 9 AM.
[1357] See No Man Can Be God
[1358] Maimonides Principle 10: “I believe with complete faith in the coming of Messiah.”
[1359] These passages were found by the divination of 9.8.5 Page Turning, Aryeh Lev
[1360] G-d communicates with us through angels, i.e. the angel of the Burning Bush.
[1361] Metatron is from Hanoch; Sandalfon is the angelic Elijah from Moshe Cordovero Hekalot ch. 14. Abulafia differs here and associates Sandalfon with the back of G-d while Metatron is in the front. Abulafia maintains more negative associations for Sandalfon that need to be explored in origin.
[1362] City of Heaven – May 24th, 1997 – 8:00 AM
[1363] Meditation and Kabbalah trans. Gates of Light, Aryeh Kaplan, p. 130.
[1364] In this way one destroys the klipot on the body one-by-one.
[1365] Ibid. page 128.
[1366] See “I saw Heaven” by LDS publishing. LDS maintains believes in modern day prophecy. The person who wrote this work had a guide who showed him a heavenly city that looked like SLC.
[1367] See Daniel 9:7-14, See Zohar river of fire descending from beard
[1368] Likutey Moharan, Ch. 19, pp. 185-187.
[1369] Berakhot 61b; Tikkuney Zohar, Addendum 3, p. 140b.
[1370] see Dreaming the Bahir – The Brilliant Light
[1371] An Introduction to Kabbalah, Moshe Hallamish, p.92
[1372] Israel – March 30, 1994 – 4th day of Passover
[1373] Sha’are Orah, Gates of Light.
[1374] Time is running out. Now is the time to return. The stamps are on the postcards that need to be sent. Concern for money is an obstacle.

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