Beatout: Alight that was a hike to remember.  We started our attempt of the Beatout hike around 6:30 Sat. with plans to hit 4 peaks: Pfeifferhorn, Chipman Peak, Thunder Mountain ridge, and the unnamed peak close to the Pfeifferhorn. We began at Red Pine Canyon trailhead and ended at the Bells Canyon trailhead. The mountains, lakes, streams, views, and peaks were all amazing. We had a few sketchy climbs, plenty of snow, scrambling, lost for a few hours, and endured an eternal decent. Arrived at the cars after 8. Eric Haymore summed up the cost, “Sun burn, sore IT band, will loose both second toe nails and stiff...but better than expected.”
Lone Peak: Most brutal hike; Steve, Miles, and I hiked this peak 8/13 and my knees are still sore. Jacobs Ladder was primarily responsible for most of the difficulty which amounted to almost a 2000 ft elevation in less than a mile. The north peak itself was sketchy, not a lot of space on the top with scrambling and holding on to rock faces to get there. From the north peak we scrambled down and over to the south peak, another sketchy process. Then over to the west peak and down the back of that peak over to meet up again to the trail towards Jacobs Ladder. Going down was not much easier than up. Miles inducted: via baptism of fire.
Timpanogos: Today (8/20) was timpa: pretty easy with some amazing views. Aaron came with us and has the blisters to prove it. The slide down the glacier was one of the highlights, goodnight, it was bumpy. Soaked my feet and drank from Emerald Pond. Between the two routes there was probably close to 1000 people on the mountain.
we’re really doing it. Keep out Geared up and naively optimistic, we head out. Epic.... Chad Maughan, post pilgrimage.