Steps to Add and Intrinsic to LLVM_Trax

This section will assume that you are using the recommended LLVM_Trax install for Trax development or you know how to translate these directions for your particular install.

The files you will need to edit are in the Trax subdirectory of LLVM_Trax. In particular you'll need to look at "" and "". Begin by making sure you have the current version of LLVM_Trax by running ./ in the LLVM_Trax directory. This script will probably take a while to run because it recompiles most of LLVM.

Adding the intrinsic to LLVM and the Trax backend.

More General Intrinsic Information

In order to get the file included with the rest of LLVM, I had to add it to llvm-2.9/include/llvm/ and place the file in the same directory. The update script just moves the file into the right place so that the new version will be compiled.