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Welcome to My Webpage !

My name is Shoeb Mohammed. I was a Masters in Computer Science student at The School of Computing, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA. I did my Bachelors from - Osmania University, India one of the Oldest and recognized Universities in India. I was brought up in Hyderabad- a magnificent Metropolis in India.

I'm Passionate about writing Robust, Efficient and Scalable software. I'm really excited to work on products that have real impact. I have worked extensively on Database, Web and Mining applications. My stint as an intern at a start up provided the much needed nudge to delve deeper into the web domain. Ever since, I have worked on numerous projects and in the process developed a myriad of skills, and interest for development and research. This drove me to pursue a Masters study.

Till a few months ago, I was working on Data Mining/Data Analysis, Information visualization, and Web Services / Web Applications development at The Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute and Marc Lab, The University of Utah. Also, I enjoyed my time in NYC doing a Summer Internship in 2010 at Goldman Sachs Headquarters in the Equties Trading Division as a Tech Analyst/Developer working on a Financial system project. It was fun!

After graduation I decided to Join Microsoft as a Software Engineer to work on an exciting Enterprise Virtualization Product: UE-V

Some overarching themes for my past projects:

  • Large Scale Data Analysis and Management
  • Information and Data Visualization
  • Web and Data Mining
  • System Design (Web systems)
  • Web Services (Medical Research Technology)
  • Equities trading systems - Software (Financial)
Some Industries I've dabbled developing software in:
  • Enterprise Software - at Microsoft
  • Medical Research and Academia- at MarcLab and Univ of Utah
  • Financial and Trading - at Goldman Sachs
  • Graphics and Visualization - at SCI, Univ of Utah
  • Web, Database & Text Mining & Web Analytics - at SCI, MarcLab and GKMC Univ Of Utah

Browse through tabs at the top of this webpage to know more about me (listed info could be a little outdated). Here's my brief Resume .

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