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Peter Shirley's papers and CV

Peter Shirley's CV

Peter Shirley's Papers

  1. Model Predictions of Watershed Hydrologic Components: Comparison and Verification, by Hetrick, Travis, Shirley, Etnier, Water Resources Bulletin, 1986
  2. Physically Based Lighting Calculations for Computer Graphics by Shirley, Ph.D. Thesis, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, December, 1990. pdf file
  3. A Ray Tracing Method for Illumination Calculation in Diffuse-Specular Scenes, by Shirley. Proceedings of Graphics Interface '90. pdf file (large scann)
  4. A Polygonal Approximation to Direct Scalar Volume Rendering, by Shirley, Tuchman.  Proceedings of Volume Visualization 91. pdf file
  5. Radiosity via Ray Tracing, by Shirley, Graphics Gems II, 1991.
  6. Direct Lighting Calculation by Monte Carlo Integration by Shirley, Wang. Proceedings of the 2nd Eurographics Rendering Workshop (Barcelona, 1991). pdf file
  7. A Ray Tracing Framework for Global Illumination by Shirley, Sung, and Brown. Proceedings of Graphics Interface '91. pdf file (large scan)
  8. Discrepancy as a Quality Measure for Sample Distributions by Shirley. Proceedings of Eurographics '91. pdf file
  9. Nonunifrom Point Sets Via Warping by Shirley. GG 3. pdf file
  10. Time Complexity of Monte Carlo Radiosity by Shirley. Computers and Graphics 16(1), 1992. pdf file
  11. Distribution Ray Tracing: Theory and Practice by Shirley, Wang. Proceedings of the 3rd Eurographics Rendering Workshop (Bristol, 1992). pdf file
  12. Non-uniform Random Point Sets via Warping, by Shirley, Graphics Gems III, 1992.
  13. Ray Tracing with the BSP Tree, by Sung and Shirley, Graphics Gems III, 1992.
  14. Spatially Nonuniform Scaling Functions for High Contrast Images by Chiu, Herf, Shirley, Swamy, Wang, Zimmerman. Proceedings of Graphics Interface '93. pdf file
  15. Multi-jittered Sampling, by Chiu, Shirley, and Wang. Graphics Gems IV, 1993.
  16. Hybrid Radiosity/Monte Carlo Methods by Shirley. Siggraph 94 Advanced Radiosity Course, pdf file
  17. Rendering, Complexity, and Perception by Chiu, Shirley. Proceedings of the 5th Eurographics Rendering Workshop (Darmstadt, 1994), pdf file
  18. Notes on Adaptive Quadrature on the Hemisphere by Shirley, Chiu. Indiana University Comp Sci Tech Report, pdf file
  19. Monte Carlo Methods for Direct Lighting Calculations by Shirley, Wang, Zimmerman. ACM Transactions on Graphics Jan 96. pdf file
  20. Visual Navigation of Large Environments Using Textured Clusters by Maciel, Shirley. 1995 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics, pp 95-102.
  21. pdf file , color figures pdf file pdf file of Paulo Maciel thesis
  22. Global Illumination via Density-Estimation Radiosity. Shirley, Peter, Bretton Wade, Philip Hubbard, David Zareski, Bruce Walter, Greenberg, Donald. Eurographics Rendering Workshop 1995. pdf file
  23. Physically-Based Glare Effects for Digital Images. by Spencer, Shirley, Zimmerman, Greenberg. SIGGRAPH 95, pdf file
  24. An Adaptation Model for Realistic Image Synthesis. by Ferwerda, Pattanaik, Shirley, Greenberg. SIGGRAPH '96 Conference. pdf file
  25. The Light Volume: an Aid to Rendering Complex Environments by Chiu, Zimmerman, Shirley. 1996 Rendering Workshop. pdf file
  26. Global Illumination Using Local Linear Density Estimation. by Walter, Hubbard,Shirley,Greenberg. ACM TOG, 1997. pdf file Images
  27. A Framework for Realistic Image Synthesis, by Greenberg et al., SIGGRAPH 97 special session. pdf file
  28. A Practitioners' Assessment of Light Reflection Models. by Shirley, Hu, Smits, Lafortune. Pacific Graphics 97 (invited paper). pdf file
  29. The Irradiance Volume, by Greger, Shirley and Greenberg, IEEE CG&A. pdf file
  30. A Non-photorealistic Lighting Model for Automatic Technical Illustration, by Gooch, Gooch, Shirley, and Cohen. SIGGRAPH 98. pdf file
  31. Interactive Ray Tracing for Isosurface Rendering, by Parker, Shirley, Livnat, Hansen, and Sloan. Visualization 98. Paper page
  32. A Low Distortion Map Between Disk and Square, by Shirley and Chiu, JGT 1998, JGT page with source code file
  33. Interactive Ray Tracing, by Parker et al., I3D 99. Paper page
  34. Interactive Technical Illustration , by Gooch et al. I3D 99. Paper page
  35. Geospecific rendering of alpine terrain, by Premoze et al. Eurographics Rendering Workshop 99 Paper page
  36. A Practical Analytic Model for Daylight, by Preetham et al. SIGGRAPH 99, Paper page
  37. The Convergence of Robotics, Vision, and Computer Graphics for User Interaction, by Hollerbach et al. International Journal of Robotics Research, 1999.
  38. Interactive Ray Tracing for Volume Visualization, by Parker et al., IEEE Transactions on Computer Graphics and Visualization, 1999, pdf file
  39. A Microfacet-based BRDF Generator, by Ashikhmin et al. SIGGRAPH 00, pdf file
  40. Practical Ray Tracing of Trimmed NURBS Surfaces, by Martin et al., JGT, 2000, pdf file
  41. An Anisotropic Phong BRDF Model, by Ashikhmin and Shirley, JGT, 2000, pdf file
  42. Simulating the Aurora Borealis, by Baranoskiet al. Pacific Graphics 2000
  43. Visual Cues for Imminent Object Contact in Realistic Virtual Environments, by Hu et al. Visualization 2000, pdf file
  44. Direct Ray Tracing of Displacement Mapped Triangles, by Smits et al. Eurographics Rendering Workshop 2000, pdf file pdf file of longer tech report
  45. Use of interreflection and shadow for surface contact, by Madison et al. Perception and Psychophysics, 2001
  46. A Physically-Based Night Sky Model, by Jensen et al. SIGGRAPH 01, pdf file
  47. A Variance Analysis of the Metropolis Light Transport Algorithm, by Ashikhmin et al., Computers and Fraphics, 2002, pdf file
  48. Color Transfer between Images, by Reinhard et al. IEEE CG and A, 01. pdf file
  49. Automatic Artistic Composition, by Gooch et al. Eurographics Rendering Workshop, 01, pdf file
  50. Parallel Point Reprojection, by Reinhard et al. {Symposium on Parallel and Large-Data Visualization and Graphics, 01, pdf file
  51. Steerable Illumination Textures, by Ashikhmin and Shirley, ACM TOG 2002, pdf file
  52. A Spatial Post-Processing Algorithm for Images of Night Scenes , by Thompson, Shirley, and Ferwerda. JGT 7(1) 2002. Some images from paper , pdf file, bibtex.
  53. Photographic Tone Reproduction for Computer Graphics, by Reinhard et al. SIGGRAPH 02, paper page
  54. Painterly Rendering Using Computer Vision Techniques, by Gooch et al. Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering 2002 pdf file
  55. An Ocularist's Approach to Human Iris Synthesis, by Lefohn et al. IEEE CG and A 2003, paper page
  56. A Model for Volume Lighting and Modeling, by Kniss et al. IEEE Trans on Visualization and CG, 2003, pdf file
  57. Temporally Coherent Interactive Ray Tracing, by Martin et al. JGT 2003, pdf file
  58. Simulating the Aurora, by Baranoski et al. JVCA 2003.
  59. Path Integration for Light Transport in Volumes, by Premoze et al. EGSR 2003, pdf file
  60. Stylized Browsing in Space and Time, by Shirley et al., VAST 2004.
  61. Second order image statistics in computer graphics, Reinhard et al., APGV 2004.
  62. Returning Adult Students and Algorithm Analysis , by Sung and Shirley, CCSC-NW Conference 2004.
  63. Interactive Caustics Using Local Precomputed Irradiance , by Wyman et al., PG 2005.
  64. Interactive Rendering of Large Unstructured Grids using Dynamic Level-of-Detail, by Callahan et al., Visualization 2005.
  65. Efficient Generation of Stratified Samples for B-Spline Basis Functions, by Stark et al., JGT 2005. pdf file
  66. An efficient and robust ray-box intersection algorithm, by Williams et al., JGT 2005. pdf file and page with source code.
  67. A Top-Down Approach to Teaching Introductory Computer Graphics, by Sung and Shirley, Computers and Graphics, 2005.
  68. The halfway vector disk for BRDF modeling by Edwards et al., ACM TOG 2006. ACM DL link
  69. Interactive Display of Isosurfaces with Global Illumination, by Wyman et al., TVCG 2006. pdf file
  70. Stochastic Billboard Clouds for Interactive Foliage Rendering by Lacewell et al., JGT, 2006. paper page .
  71. Image Synthesis using Adjoint Photons by Morley et al., GI 06, pdf file
  72. Optimizing Ray-Triangle Intersection via Automated Search by Kensler and Shirley, RT 06, pdf file
  73. Ray Tracing Deformable Scenes using Dynamic Bounding Volume Hierarchies, Wald, Boulos, Shirley, ACM TOG 2007. pdf file , bib file.
  74. Rethinking Graphics and Gaming Courses Because of Fast Ray Tracing by Shirley et al., SIGGRAPH 07 Educator's Conference, pdf file.
  75. Packet-based Whitted and Distribution Ray Tracing by Boulos et al., GI 07, pdf file.
  76. Grid Creation Strategies for Efficient Ray Tracing by Ize, Shirley, and Parker, RT 07, pdf file, bibtex.
  77. State of the Art in Ray Tracing Animated Scenes Ingo Wald, William R Mark, Johannes Gunther, Solomon Boulos, Thiago Ize, Warren Hunt, Steven G. Parker, Peter Shirley. Eurographics 2007 State of the Art Reports. pdf file,
  78. Raytracing prefiltered occlusion for aggregate geometry. D. Lacewell, B. Burley, S. Boulos, P. Shirley, IEEE Symposium on Interactive Ray Tracing, 2008, paper page
  79. Towards interactive global illumination effects via sequential Monte Carlo adaptation V. Pegoraro, C. Brownlee, P. Shirley, S. Parker, IEEE Symposium on Interactive Ray Tracing, 2008, paper page
  80. Resolution Independent NPR-Style 3D Line Textures K. Potter, A. Gooch, B. Gooch, P. Shirley, R. Riesenfeld. Computer Graphics Forum, 2009. web page
  81. Expressive Rendering of Mountainous Terrain M. Bratkova, P. Shirley, W. Thompson. ACM TOG 2009, web page
  82. Automatic Views of Natural Scenes M. Bratkova, P. Shirley, W. Thompson. Proceedings of Computational Aethetics 2009, web page
  83. a oRGB: A Practical Opponent Color Space for Computer Graphics M. Bratkova, S. Boulos, P. Shirley. IEEE CGA, 2009. web page
  84. Image space gathering A. Robison, P. Shirley, HPG 2009. paper page
  85. Real-Time Stochastic Rasterization on Conventional GPU Architectures M. McGuire, E. Enderton, P. Shirley, D. Luebke. HPG 2010. paper page
  86. Stochastic Transparency, ACM I3D, 2010. paper page
  87. A local image reconstruction algorithm for stochastic rendering, P. Shirley, T. Aila, J. Cohen, E. Enderton, S. Laine, D. Luebke, M. McGuire, ACM I3D, 2011. paper page
  88. An Algorithm for Managing Color in Global Tone Reproduction P. Shirley, A. Robison, K.Morley. JGT 2011, jgt page pdf file
  89. Basics of physically-based rendering P. Shirley, K. Morley, P.P. Sloan, C. Wyman, SIGGRAPH Asia Course Notes 2013 pdf
  90. CloudLight: A System for Amortizing Indirect Lighting in Real-Time Rendering Crassen et al. JCGT 2015. pdf
  91. THE PRISMATIC COLOR SPACE FOR RGB COMPUTATIONS P. Shirley, D. Hart, Purity LLC tech report. pdf

Peter Shirley (shirley@cs.utah.edu)