Soarlab Reading Group

Fridays, 3-4pm, MEB3105


Date Facilitator(s) Paper
2/17 Ankit Empirical Software Metrics for Benchmarking of Verification Tools
3/3 Shaobo What developers want and need from program analysis: an empirical study (slide)
3/10 Ankit MUX: algorithm selection for software model checkers
3/17 - Spring break
4/7 Shaobo Weakest-precondition of unstructured programs
4/14 Maryam P: safe asynchronous event-driven programming
4/21 Jiten Taming undefined behavior in LLVM
4/28 Mark Hazelnut: a bidirectionally typed structure editor calculus
5/19 Shaobo Provably correct peephole optimizations with alive
5/26 Jiten Precondition inference for peephole pptimizations in LLVM