PhD Alumni, School of Computing, University of Utah

A work in progress.

Currently it does not include all the alumni, though I am trying to make it as complete as possible. If you know of any alumni missing from this list or know what they are doing after PhD, let me know (sgoyal-at-cs-utah-edu). Also, if you notice any errors, do let me know.

Date Name Thesis Title Advisor After PhD
June 1969 Charles Stephen Carr Geometric Modelling David C. Evans
Aug 1969 Alan Curtis Kay The Reactive Agent David C. Evans ACM Turing Award, 2003
1969 John Warnock A hidden surface algorithm for computer-generated halftone pictures David C. Evans Founder of Adobe Systems, 1989 SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Achievement Award
August 1969 Gordon Wilson Romney Computer Assisted Assembly and Rendering of Solids David C. Evans Professor, Brigham Young University
1970 Alan Conway Ashton Electronics, music and computers Founder of WordPerfect
June 1970 Gary Scott Watkins A Real Time Visible Surface Algorithm David C. Evans
August 1970 Robert Lee Britton Application of the Fast Hadamard Transform to Digital Waveform Processing Thomas G. Stockham Professor, California State University, Chico
1970 Denis David Seror D.C.P.L.; a distributed control programming language David C. Evans
1970 Robert Mahl An analytical approach to computer-systems scheduling David C. Evans Professor, "Ecole des mines de Paris"
June 1971 Henri Gouraud Computer Display of Curved Surfaces Ivan E. Sutherland
August 1971 Prentiss Hadley Knowlton Interactive Communication and Display of Keyboard Music William J. Viavant
1971 Duane Bowen Call Storage, retrieval, and switching of digitaized audio waveforms Robert S. Barton
1971 Richard Arlin Robb Computer aided analysis of cardiac dynamics using roentgenographic and videometric techniques David C. Evans Professor, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
June 1972 Donald Richard Oestreicher Automatic Printed Circuit Board Design Charles L. Seitz
Dec 1972 Donald Lee Vickers Sorcerer's Apprentice: Head-Mounted Display and Wand Ivan E. Sutherland
1972 Alan Lynn Davis S.P.L.: a structured programming language Robert S. Barton Professor, University of Utah
March 1973 Patrick Colas-Baudelaire Digital Picture Processing and Psychophysics: A Study of Brightness Perception Thomas G. Stockham
June 1973 Edwin Randolph Cole The Removal of Unknown Image Blurs by Homomorphic Filtering Thomas G. Stockham
June 1973 Roger K. Debry Simulation of arbitrary-shaped boundaries for hemodynamic studies Harvey Greenfield
Aug 1973 Barry David Wessler Computer Assisted Visual Communication David C. Evans
Dec 1973 Bui Tuong Phong Illumination for Computer-Generated Images David C. Evans
1973 Robert Preece Burton Real-time Measurement of Multiple Three-dimensional Positions Ivan E. Sutherland Professor, Brigham Young University
June 1974 Donald Homer Cooley A Linguistic Pattern Recognition System William J. Hankley Professor, Utah State University
August 1974 Thomas Michael Cannon Digital Image Deblurring by Nonlinear Homomorphic Filtering Thomas G. Stockham Los Alamos National Laboratory
Fall 1974 James Henry Clark 3-D Design of Free-Form B-Spline Surfaces Ivan E. Sutherland 1984 SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Achievement Award, founder of Netscape Communications, Healtheon/Web MD, and Silicon Graphics
Dec 1974 Frederic Ira Parke A Parametric Model for Human Faces Ivan E. Sutherland Professor, Texas A&M University
Dec 1974 Edwin Earl Catmull A Subdivision Algorithm for Computer Display of Curved Surfaces Ivan E. Sutherland co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios, 1993 SIGGRAPH Steven A. Coons Award
Spring 1975 Elwin Grant Eastman An Information Structure Processing System Roy A. Keir Associate Professor, Central Washington University
June 1975 Joseph Knowles Everton The Sepearation of the Voice Signals of Simultaneous Speakers Thomas G. Stockham
Aug 1975 Raphael Jona Rom Image Transmission and Coding Based on Human Vision Thomas G. Stockham
1975 Henry Fuchs The automatic sensing and analysis of three-dimensional surface points from visual scenes Robert P. Plummer Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. 1992 SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Achievement Award
1975 Martin Edward Newell The utilization of procedure models in digital image synthesis David C. Evans
1975 LeRoy Revier Lundin A cardinal function method of solution of the Klein-Gordon equation Frank Stenger
1975 Bruce Hudson Stowell The accommodation of human characteristics in programming language design Elliott I. Organick
1975 Martin David Yonke A knowledgeable, language-independent system for program construction and modification David C. Evans
1976 Franklin C. Crow The aliasing problem in computer-synthesized shaded images David C. Evans
1976 Olivier Dominique Faugeras Digital color image processing and psychophysics within the framework of a human visual model Thomas G. Stockham Inria
Aug 1976 Mohammad Ali Atashroo Pole-Zero Modeling and Its Applications to Speech Processing Thomas G. Stockham
June 1977 Jeffrey Michael lane Shape Operators for computer Aided Geometric Design Richard Riesenfeld
Dec 1977 Thomas James Cook An Application of Dynamic Address Computation in Data Management John Miles Smith, Diane C. P. Smith
1977 Anthony Dick Kau Au Computational fluid dynamics : finite difference and finite element approach Harvey S. Greenfield
1977 Bruce Eric Brown Modeling of solids for three-dimensional finite element analysis Martin E. Newell
1978 James Frederick Blinn Computer display of curved surfaces
1979 James Thomas Kajiya Toward a mathematical theory of perception Director, Microsoft Research
1980 Robert Joseph McDermott Geometric modelling in computer aided design Ronald D. Resch
1980 Jed Benjamin Marti A concurrent processing system for LISP Anthony C. Hearn
1981 Robert Russell Kessler COG : an architectural-description-driven compiler generator Professor, University of Utah
1981 Bharadwaj Jayaraman Resource control in a demand-driven data-flow model Robert M. Keller Professor, University at Buffalo
1981 Brian Andrew Barsky The Beta-spline : a local representation based on shape parameters and fundamental geometric measures Professor, UC Berkeley
1981 Krithivasan Ramamritham Specification and synthesis of synchronizers Robert M. Keller Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
1982 Chu S. Jhon Toward design automation for speed-independent circuits Professor, Seoul National University
1982 Paul Hudak Object and task reclamation in distributed applicative processing systems Robert M. Keller Professor, Yale University
1983 Gerald Quentin Maguire A graphical workstation and programming environment for data-driven computation Alan Davis Professor, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden
1983 Tony Marvin Carter Structured arithmetic tiling of integrated circuits
1983 Frances Elaine Hunt Applicative updating and provisional computation in functional programming Gary Lindstrom
1983 Dennis Lee Schweitzer Interactive surface visualization using raster graphics Richard Riesenfeld
1983 Michael James Lemon A "less-procedural" methodology and supporting framework for simulation programming Gary Lindstrom
1983 David Gus Matty Constraint driven synthesis of hardware design President & CEO, Convergence
1984 John C. Peterson MASHER : an automatic VLSI layout system Associate Research Scientist, Yale University
1984 Brent Edwin Nelson A database approach to computer-aided design of integrated circuits using structured tiling Professor, BYU
1984 Gary A. Barbour The AMACS architecture : the design of a data-flow architecture for a distributed controlled robotics system Alan Davis Co-founder and Chairman, Lugh Networks
1984 Gregory Frederick Maxey A language for machine organization design Alan Davis
1984 Jiro Tanaka Optimized concurrent execution of an applicative language Robert M. Keller Chair., Department of Computer Science, University of Tsukuba
1984 Elizabeth Susan Cobb Design of sculptured surfaces using the B-spline representation Richard Riesenfeld
1984 Lewis Edward Hitchner A graphics system for a volume image display Brent S. Baxter Professor, Cal Poly
1984 Spencer Woodlief Thomas Modelling volumes bounded by B-spline surfaces Richard Riesenfeld
1985 Tao Li Fault diagnosis and design-for-testability for integrated sequential circuits
1985 Wu-chien Jonathan Yen On representation and discretization of finite element analyses Richard Riesenfeld
1985 Frank Chung Huei Lin Load balancing and fault tolerance in applicative systems Robert M. Keller
1985 Prateek Mishra Static inference in applicative languages Robert M. Keller
1985 Jia-Huai You First-order unification in equational theories and its application to logic programming P. A. Subrahmanyam
1986 Timothy Irwin Mueller Geometric modelling with multivariate B-splines Elaine Cohen
1986 S. Purushothaman Reasoning about systolic algorithms P. A. Subrahmanyam Professor, NC State University
1986 Sanjay Vishnu Rajopadhye Synthesis, verification and optimization of systolic arrays Richard M. Fujimoto IRISA , France
1986 Uday Sankara Reddy Logic languages based on functions : semantics and implementation Robert M. Keller Professor, University of Birmingham
1987 Philip Yen-Tang Chang Optimization techniques for relational database systems John M. Smith
1987 Mamdouh H. Ibrahim Database loading by examples : a learning approach to loading informaion retrieval databases Lee Hollaar
1987 Peter Allmond Tinker The design and implementation of an OR-parallel logic programming system Gary Lindstrom
1987 Alaaeldin A.M. Amin Test generation and fault detection for VLSI PPL circuits
1988 Stanley T. Shebs Implementing primitive datatypes for higher-level languages Robert R. Kessler
1988 Charles D. Hansen CAGD-based computer vision : the automatic generation of recognition strategies Associate Professor, University of Utah
1988 Ashok Kumar Samal Parallel split-level relaxation Associate Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
1989 Jun Gu Parallel algorithms and architectures for very fast AI search Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
1989 Sandra Jean Loosemore A visual Lisp debugging environment Robert R. Kessler
1989 Jin Jacob Chou Numerical control milling machine toolpath generation for regions bounded by free form curves and surfaces Elaine Cohen
1990 Robert N. Elens Sequencing computational events in heterogeneous distributed systems Lee Hollaar
1990 Dowming Yeh Static analysis of multiparadigm languages Gary Lindstrom Associate Professor, National Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan
1991 Lal George Using a functional language and graph reduction to program multiprocessors Gary Lindstrom
1991 Jeffrey Kent Smith Seqwarp : a low-cost linear systolic array for biological sequence comparison / by
1991 Robert William Mecklenburg Towards a language independent object system Richard Riesenfeld
1991 Mark R. Swanson Concurrent Scheme, a language for concurrent symbolic computing Robert R. Kessler
1992 Venkatesh Akella An integrated framework for high-level synthesis of self-timed circuits
1992 Gilad Bracha The programming language Jigsaw : mixins, modularity and multiple inheritance Gary Lindstrom at SUN
1992 Wen-Yan Kuo A parallel graph reduction system Joe Zachary
1992 Arthur H. Lee The persistent object system MetaStore : persistence via metaprogramming Joe Zachary
1992 Suryanarayana M. Mantha First-order preference theories and their applications Gary Lindstrom
1992 Rok Sosic The many faces of introspection Robert R. Johnson
1992 Gershon Elber Free form surface analysis using a hybrid of symbolic and numeric computation Elaine Cohen
1992 Shiaofen Fang Robustness in geometric modeling : an intuitionistic and tolerance-based approach Beat Bruderlin Associate Professor, Indiana University-Purdue University
1992 Sungkee Lee Adaptive image segmentation Bir Bhanu
1992 Brad Leon Hutchings A cell-based approach to hierarchical interdomain VLSI design
1993 Wayne Rossberg Constraints as a paradigm for computing Gary Lindstrom
1993 Michael P. Zeleznik Security design in distributed computing applications Lee Hollaar Director of Technology and Development, RAHD Oncology Products ,
CEO, Saya Systems Inc
1993 Kwan-Liu Ma Interactive volume visualization Kris Sikorski Professor, University of California, Davis
1994 Harold Carr Distributed C++ Robert R. Kessler Senior Staff Engineer with Sun
1994 John Douglas Evans Heuristic algorithms for resource allocation in parallel processing Robert R. Kessler
1994 James H. Jacobs UCL+P : a persistent common Lisp Mark R. Sawanson
1994 Chey-Woei Tsay Fixed point computation and parallel algorithms for solving wave equations Kris Sikorski Associate Professor, Providence University, Sha-lu, Taiwan
1994 John Franklin Hurdle Smart parts : toward the automated synthesis of neural circuits
1995 Jae-tack Yoo High-speed counterflow-clocked pipelining illustrated on the design of subband vector quantizatizer chips
1995 Guruduth S. Banavar An application framework for compositional modularity Gary Lindstrom IBM TJ Watson Research Center
1995 Henry A. Driskill COMA : constrained optimization in modeling and animation Elaine Cohen at Disney Feature Animation
1995 Prabhakar N. Kudva Synthesis of asynchronous systems targeting finite state machines IBM Research, Watson
1995 Richard Madsen Neff Versatile interaction specification of tools and agents Tony M. Carter Professor, Brigham Young University--Idaho
1996 Allen Reed Sanderson Shape recovery of volume data with deformable B-spline models Elaine Cohen
1996 Ching-yao Hsu Graph-based approach for solving geometric constraint problems
1996 Shyh-Kuang Ueng Scientific visualization for finite element analysis data sets
1996 William F. Richardson Architectural considerations in a self-timed processor design Erik Brunvand
1997 Terence Critchlow Schema coercion : using database meta-information to facilitate data transfer Gary Lindstrom Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
1997 Marc S. Ellens Representation of and modeling with arbitrary discontinuity curves in sculptured surfaces
1997 Chih-Cheng Ho Feature-based process planning and automatic numerical control part programming Beat Bruderlin
1997 Elena E. Driskill Towards the design, analysis, and illustration of assemblies at Disney Feature Animation
1998 Timothy M. Jacobs An automated framework for managing design complexity Assistant Professor, Air Force Institute of Technology
1998 David M. Beazley A wrapper generation tool for the creation of scriptable scientific applications Chris Johnson Assistant Professor, University of Chicago
1998 Malgorzata Marek Sturgil A feature-based, conceptual approach to early stages of part design Richard Riesenfeld
1998 Han-Wei Shen High-performance visualization algorithms for large-scale scientific data Chris Johnson Assistant Professor, Ohio State University
1999 Yarden Livnat NOISE, WISE and SAGE : algorithms for rapid isosurface generation Chris Johnson Research Associate, SCI, University of Utah
1999 Wendy A. Belluomini Algorithms for synthesis and verification of timed circuits and systems Chris J. Myers
1999 Chen-Chi Kuo. Cooperative system software and architectural mechanisms for efficient distributed shared memory multiprocessing John Carter
1999 Ratan Prasad Nalumasu Formal design and verification methods for shared memory systems Ganesh Gopalakrishnan HP labs, Cupertino
1999 Kenneth W. Parker Automatic setup of sinc-collocation for partial differential equations
1999 Steven Gregory Parker The SCIRun problem solving environment and computational steering software system Chris Johnson Research Assistant Professor, University of Utah
2000 Gregory Scott Heflin Discrete and multiview accessibility analysis of complex freeform models Elaine Cohen
2000 Lance Joseph Williams Image space graphics Richard Riesenfeld 2001 SIGGRAPH Steven A. Coons Award
2000 Ravi Mohan Hosabettu Systematic verification of pipelined microprocessors Ganesh Gopalakrishnan Currently at SUN
2000 Christian Muller-Plantiz The CWave 2000 visual agent workbench
2000 Laurie Ann Williams The Collaborative Software Process Robert R. Kessler Assitant Prof, North Carolina State University
2001 Michael D. Jones Formal verification of parameterized protocols on branching networks Ganesh Gopalakrishnan Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University
2001 Lambert Schaelicke Architectural support for user-level input/output Alan Davis Assistant Profesor, Univ of Notre Dame
2001 Wei Tao A portable mechanism for thread persistence and migration Gary Lindstrom Currently at SUN
2001 Michael Ashikhmin Approximate methods for improving surface appearance Peter Shirley Assistant Professor, SUNY at Stony Brook.
2002 Godmar Back Isolation, resource management and sharing in the KaffeOS Java runtime system Wilson Hsieh Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech.
2002 Spencer Dale Shellman Efficient algorithms for optimization and fixed points Kris Sikorski Post Doc at University of Minnesota
2002 Lixin Zhang Efficient remapping mechanisms for an adaptable memory system John Carter IBM Research, Austin
2002 Ravindra Ramachandriah Kuramkote Design and evaluation of a multiple-protocol custom controller for hardware distributed shared memory systems John Carter at HP
2002 H. James De St. Germain Reverse engineering utilizing domain specific knowledge
2002 Eric Robert Peskin Protocol selection, implementation, and analysis for asynchronous circuits at Logic Technology Development , Intel
2003 Simon Premoze Approximate Methods for Light Transport in Volumetric Materials Peter Shirley Post Doc at Columbia University
2003 Bruce Gooch Human facial illustrations : creation and evaluation Richard Riesenfeld Assistant Professor, Northwestern University
2003 Donald Nelson Differential surface kinematics for time-varying, surface-surface floating contact interactions Elaine Cohen at Immersion Corp
2003 Michael M. Stark Analytic illumination in polyhedral environments Richard Riesenfeld Post Doc at University of California, Irvine
2003 Helen Hu A Perceptually Driven Investigation of Point-Sampled Soft Shadows Peter Shirley and William B. Thompson Assistant Professor, Westminster College
2003 Annette Bunker Applying a Visual Specification Language to Hardware Protocol Verification Konrad Slind Assistant Professor, Utah State University
2003 Hans Jacobson Interlocked Sychronous Pipelines Chris J. Myers
2003 Bassam Salem M.Phil ('2003) Director, Implementation Consulting, Omniture
2003 David Weinstein The Inverse EEG Pipeline Chris Johnson at SCI Institute, University of Utah
2004 David Bean Acquisition and application of knowledge bases for anaphora resolution Ellen Riloff Co-Founder and CTO, Attensity
2004 Christopher R. Wyman Fast local approximation to global illumination Chuck Hansen Assistant Professor, University of Iowa
2004 David Johnson Minimum Distance Queries for Haptic Rendering Elaine Cohen
2004 Binu Mathew The Perception Processor Alan Davis Post Doc at Stanford
2004 Shaun Ramsey Rendering Transitions in a Geometric Level of Detail Framework Chuck Hansen Assistant Professor, Washington College
2004 Ali Sezgin Formalization and Verification of Shared Memory Ganesh Gopalakrishnan
2004 Jason Yue Yang Formalizing Shared Memory Consistency Models for Program Analysis Ganesh Gopalakrishnan and Gary Lindstrom Microsoft Research
2004 Gordon Kindlmann Visualization and Processing of Symmetric Tensor Fields Chris Johnson
2004 Robert Van Uitert Realistic Head Modeling for Meg Source Localization Chris Johnson
2004 Sai Rama Krishna Susarla Composable Consistency for Wide-area Replication John Carter NetApps
2005 Sean McDirmid Component Programming with Object-Oriented Signals Wilson Hsieh
2005 Matthew Kaplan Artistic Graphics and Modeling Elaine Cohen

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