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List of Papers - Fall 2004

Week Date Paper(s)
1 9/3 Sachin Goyal and John Carter, A LightWeight Secure Cyber Foraging Infrastructure for Resource-Constrained Devices , WMCSA 04.
Side Paper: Safely Harnessing Wide Area Surrogate Computing -or- How to Avoid Building the Perfect Platform for Network Attacks, Submitted for publication.
2 9/10 Michael Kaminsky, George Savvides, David Mazieres, and M. Frans Kaashoek, Decentralized user authentication in a global file system , SOSP 2003.
3 9/17 Ricardo A. Baratto, Shaya Potter, Gong Su, Jason Nieh, MobiDesk: Mobile Virtual Desktop Computing, at Mobicom 2004
4 9/24 No Meeting
5 10/1 Andreas Haeberlen, Eliot Flannery, Andrew Ladd, Algis Rudys,Dan Wallach, Lydia Kavraki, Practical Robust Localization over Large-Scale 802.11 Wireless Networks , Mobicom 2004.
6 10/8 Fall Break
7 10/15 Edmund B. Nightingale and Jason Flinn, Energy-Efficiency and Storage Flexibility in the Blue File System , OSDI 2004.
8 10/22 Jinyuan Li, Maxwell Krohn, David Mazieres, and Dennis Shasha, Secure Untrusted Data Repository (SUNDR) , OSDI 2004.
9 10/29 Tim Kindberg, Abigail Sellen, and Erik Geelhoed Security and Trust in Mobile Interactions: A Study of Users Perceptions and Reasoning , UbiComp 2004.
10 11/5 Chris Schmandt, Kwan Hong Lee, Jang Kim, and Mark Ackerman Impromptu: Managing Networked Audio Applications for Mobile Users , MobiSys 2004
11 11/12 KyoungSoo Park, Vivek S. Pai, Larry Peterson, and Zhe Wang, CoDNS: Improving DNS Performance and Reliability via Cooperative Lookups, OSDI 2004.

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