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Mathematical Resources

MATH Forum on NET
Mathematics and Computer Science Hotlist
Mathematics web sites around the world
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Operation Research
Michael Trick's Operations Research Page
Non Linear Programming FAQ

Bayesian Statistics
The International Society for Bayesian Analysis
ASA Section on Bayesian Statistical Sciences
The BUGS Project - Bayesian inference Using Gibbs Sampling
Bayesianism in Probability Theory and Quantum Mechanics
FAQ on how to learn Bayesian
Philosophy of Bayesian Inference
Probability Theory As Extended Logic - GOOD RESOURCES

Queuing Theory
Myron Hlynka's Queueing Theory Page: Includes FAQ, examples, links to other queuing sites.
Queue Simulation

Fourier Analysis

Begineer's Guide to Chaos
An Introduction to Mathematical Chaos Theory and Fractal Geometry
The Chaos HyperTextBook

Millennium Prize Problems

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