Winners of Suzanne's Puzzle Challenge

Thank you for taking the time to make and post these puzzles!
Justin Sobaje

Very cool. :)
Super very nice puzzles 8-)
Fun and challenging
Darius Johnson
The puzzles were great. 4 gave me a problem when it came down to unscrambling the letters and once I figured it out I felt stupid. lol. The rest were simple enough. Great time spender
Madiha Zahid
Fun :)
Awesome dude of greatness
yes, i do rule, thank you
Dr. John S. Harvey
The answer you have for clue number 7 on the fourth puzzle is very odd (IMHO)!

Christopher Applegate
Good stuff. Keeps my mind sharp on the road. Thanks!
Roger Ng
The puzzles are awesome. More more more!
Dee McDougall

super fun
Erik B.
The puzzles were so fun!!!!
S Wilde
From a fellow Utah student... I did these while I should have been doing my homework. That was a mistake :)
Barry M

Deborah Choi
I had a great time doing these puzzles. Thanks a ton, Suzanne! :)
Very nice. See you at the next poker game.
Torsten Persson
Great fun!
Greetings from Stockholm
Thanks for the mind work out!! Great website. :)
Great Puzzles!
Tom in Vegas
Good puzzles. Made the nightshift go by quickly!!
Great puzzles! We could go just a tiny bit more difficult for a greater challenge. Thanks.
P. Wayne Minnick
I did this years ago.....woo hoo, i've still got it. Thanks Suzanne for the challenge.
Teh Emmerz
Haha, I am a winner, that means I totally pwn =3
Thanks for the great challenge these puzzles presented, I really enjoyed doing them!
Wow, that was pretty cool. The word puzzles were pretty easy, but the 5th one totally messed me up. It took me a while. xD

The puzzles are great though, thanks for posting these up. :D
Stepany Lu (Wusai)
Very well-crafted puzzles; they kept me entertained for a while (I considered giving up on #5 . . . but then I realized that I didn't take a close look at the numbers I could use xD). I admit I cheated a little on #3 . . . turned to a thesaurus for a couple words :p

Great puzzles! I'm honoured to be listed amongst the winners.
twas good
Gracey London
I loved these puzzles! Especially #4, the weird crossword. I’ll be sharing these with my family and friends… they’re wonderful and inventive and the perfect difficulty for this sort of "beat one to get to the next" endeavor. Thank you, Suzanne! They took me a couple hours and I lost some sleep, but oh well. I had a great time. :D
hours waste on #5, cause I kept trying to use a 7. Oh well nice puzzles
Scott P. Rudy
Good Challenge. Took me a little over an hour. That fourth one presented the biggest challenge for me. Thanks for the puzzles.
Now my head hurts
Mr Gardner
Good Puzzles, took me nearly an hour to complete them!!! Thanks :))
Nitin Jose
Guessed thru one ... so whats the Fathers day gift??
Chris W
Some nice puzzles Suzanne. Keep them coming.
Billy Mike & Sharon
PLEEDLE was the answer to #4, it is a smell-fish!!! you can even google search it! this is a result of struggle. new discovery.......a small body of water is a hooe. so deal with it.
I C7 U
- 2004 -

Sankaran Kartik Jayanarayanan
#5 was easy for me -- my first guess was on the money! I would rank them in order of increasing difficulty as: # 1, 3, 5, 2, 4.

Rhonda Thweatt
Superior sole entertainment -- thx for the great puzzles!!
Matthew and Tedzee
Laurie F
I spent all day at work doing these puzzles in-between customers. Thanks for giving me something fun to do on a slow day!!!
Wes Koster
On the same page with my old friend Joe!
Christopher Eck
Did I actually spend all that time solving these ?!
I was bored on Christmas day so I surfed in. Enjoyed the entertainment. :)
Jim Charlesworth
Its too late... Should have gone to sleep, but had to finish it :-)
Cool stuff, took me a couple of hours to solve. A good way to relax and unwind from work. Nice work, thanks!
i finished and it only took me 8 hours!! sike.
cilla's papa
I went to work with only three hours of sleep. Thanks a lot Suzanne.
Cool puzzles! The 4th one quite tough.
Thanks for the challenge!!
Intriguing puzzles, not too bad if you're of the verbal and mathematical persuasions. Shout out to the boys at Lithium Node, and my sweetie Maureen... :-)
Michael J
Thanking you! 27-1-03
James Doebbler
Been years since I did these, still good puzzles.
Brian T
How long does this rush of triumph last? I think I was lucky on #5. #4 had me worried but I prevailed.
rab and leonard
Suzanne did you ever know leonard cohen the singer song in his song (SUZANNE)he to was torchered teased and troubled by her but as he says i would,nt have missed it for the world. great puzzles suzanne please torment us with more .rab and leonard
Dave T
#4 was especially clever... a very creative crossword. Must have eben a challenge to create. #5 was harder than I expected at first. Well done.
Yay me. You did a wonderful job creating the puzzles. Fun, but engaging.
Christian Pinder
Well done on creating the puzzels, they were great fun!
Mark Fremeau
where's the fanfare
Catherine Cook
Wow! : ) These puzzles remind me of playing Tetris, Dr. Mario, and Super Mario Kart side by side. I'm always up for more Tetris...heh heh heh... ; )
...better late than never. I especially enjoyed the last puzzle.
Amir Shamsuddin
Cheers, the puzzles were fun - distracted me just when I needed it!
Frank Osterhoudt
I arrived at this page while searching for an old friend. As good fortune would have it, I found a new one... Thank you for the wonderful mental workout - You have revived brain cells that I once thought to be dead!
Warm regards... FJO
I just came across your site when I was doing a search on google. Very enjoyable and challenging. Good excercise for the mind!
Tom Burk
That was a great challenge, thanks! ;o| Suzanne, put together a few more puzzles. Come on, please, please, please? You can do it, you have the time. Come on.
Lot's of fun THANKS
That helped kill some time at work - what am I supposed to do this week?
excellent puzzles
The Malones
Enjoyed all. Are there more?
Dean Erickson
good puzzles, last one was the toughest for me. After a few days of thinking about it, finally the numbers dropped into place. Good work, Suzanne
Really enjoyed the puzzles! Thank you and please do some more!
great website. the puzzles were challenging. i hope you have more in the works. i hope that when i get my website completed, it will be half as cool as yours. keep up the good work.
Alice Schubach
Wow! Those puzzles are awesome, Suzanne!!
The last one was tough ... Several times, I
almost thought, there was no solution, but I
kept at it, until I solved it.

Stop by my site, when you have a chance ...

Mike Eddy
These were some interesting puzzles. I particularly like the movie of my favorite movies. I'm actually surprised there aren't more people on your winners list, but maybe not everyone has the patience? Anyway, nice page!

I was here.
Chris L
Good puzzles
Don Fairchild
These were great puzzles! Both challenging
and solvable. Also fun. Make some more.
the 4th puzzle is the one that really put me
in a slump. great job in making the puzzles.
thank you for the challange. :0) tina
I'm in 6th grade and i solved them all
Hello, world.
Sky Johnson
Someone with their head in the clouds
Wade Bills
Aaron Franke
A good challenge! Do some more.
Steve W.
Great puzzles! I had a blast. I hope you'll have more later.
Joseph A. Roots
Nice Puzzles!
Thanks for a fun evening (of puzzle solving)
those were a bit tough but i pulled through

great going

anyone else with puzzles send them my way

Kristina Anne
too easy! Where was the challenge?
send more difficult puzzles to
Paul Randal
Excellent puzzles!
Ray Lodato
Delightful! I really enjoyed solving the puzzles. #4 was tough, and I had to guess at a letter. My 10-year-old son helped me to solve puzzle #5! We both hope you come up with some more puzzles. Thanks again!
Great puzzles, thanks for the chance to unwind and excercise at the same time. Once I followed directions, and used lower case, #1 worked out fine.
Enjoyed your puzzles! Hope to see more!
Mary Alice
A little mental stimulation just when I needed it most;) Hope to see more!
Ben Adams
Anything that gives me a reason to put off
doing my homework is welcome.
Thanks for providing a nice diversion.
John Cawley
That was fun Suzanne. Where do you find the time
when your not doing homework?

Number 4 had me stumped for a while, but jugling
the letters around a little helped.
Skinny Dennis
If we ever meet face to face, I plan to pummel you about the head and shoulders.
Whew! That #5 was a bear. Nice job, Suzanne.
I am the kind of person who cannot leave a job
unfinished so this thing drove me crazy until
I figured it out. Puzzle number 4 took the longest
until it all just fell into place in a matter
of seconds. Thanks for the fun and games and good
luck on your job search in 1999. Most companies
could use someone with your talent and flair.

Richard Kurschner
That was fun, thanks!
Toby Hale
A nice set of puzzles
Hi there. Nice pages! Just passing through
and I like puzzles so I gave it a try. Good
ones! Keep up the great work here. You have
done a wonderful job. Hope you will stop by
my site sometime?
Thanks for a nice visit. Seeya.
"Du hast mich gefragt und ich hab nichts gesagt." Also, this was way too tough.
Pete Valeo
These were some tough puzzles... I'm amazed that I got any of them. Thanks for putting up a great site, Suzanne!
Cool puzzles.
Ken H.
Finally, puzzles that are fun and solvable. Thanks.
That proved to be a challenging and enjoyable mental exercise. Now it's time to savor the accomplishment........and wait for puzzle #6. Thanks Suzanne!
I had the best time doing these puzzles.That last one had me going for a while.
Thank You. I will keep checking this page.
Jim T.
A very charming way to kill an hour.
This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!
This is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is special like you Suzanne!!!!!!!!!1
Tiernen Ferrel
Loved the puzzles. Looking forward to some more. The no. one was cool but I thought the word puzzles were the best. Challenging and good fun.
P. Wayne Minnick
Thanks so much for the puzzles. I had a
really great time solving them. The hardest
one was the last one.(at least till i noticed
that the 3 was used twice) boy did i feel dumb.
Please put up some more brain teasers for us.
I thoroughly enjoyed the puzzles. I had a bit of trouble rearranging the letters in puzzle 4 to get the new word. Even my anagram generator wouldn't help me! :-( Keep up the good work.
Darren Gray
Very clever. I just hope my boss doesn't
find out that I was doing this on company
time. I think that I'm ready for the MENSA

The 4th one took me awhile had to do some shifting around. Good job on the creating. Thanks

Bill Minter
Great puzzles! The fourth one was pretty tricky. It had me stumped until I switched
a word so that it was going clockwise instead of counter clockwise.
Thank you for the collection of unique, challenging puzzles.
Rakesh Sharma
Well well, some of them were tough .. i am glad
i made it through. I hope to get some more
puzzles then :)

Good puzzles, challenging, especially the numbers.

Brian Short
Small Body of Water had me stumped for a while!
Stephen Hoffman
The most amusing part of the challenge was not knowing what to expect next when completing a puzzle.
Granted, the last numerical puzzle was a twist, but not nearly as difficult as the linguistic challenges.
Your creations have both impressed me and delighted me.

Mike White
That was tough... Actually guessed a couple...

Elaine Pratzel
Thanks for the challenge!
Orrie Pelc
That last one was REAL tough! Took me a
while, but I'm done!!!
This is the proudest moment of my life!
I can't wait to tell my cat all about it.
Otis Williams
Nice puzzles
Rahul Karnik
Pretty good collection.
I'll return for more.
Yo Yo

James Doebbler
Thanks for this great page! The problems weren't too hard, but some of them took a while, especially the last one. I really liked the originality of the puzzles. I have never seen puzzles like #s 1, 2, and 4. When are you gonna have a new challenge with different puzzles? ;)
Lord Hum #:)
thanks for the puzzles, they were quite challenging and fun. :)

Your problems were hard. Especially the last one. Just when I became used to wordy puzzles you threw in a numbered one. Good fun.

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