The Lost Rhodes Mines

him to the place where the sacred gold was hidden also showed him places where other ancient mines were located.
According to the story the mines were located in the Uinta Mountains, in an area approximately 75 miles long from Hanna to White Rocks. I have traveled much of this country and it is very rugged. Even if you knew within a mile where the mine was located, it might take you a lifetime to find it. I have spent alot of time in the area of Rock Creek and Moon Lake following clues. Even if you don't find anything, it is a beautiful area to visit. From my investigations I have determined that there may be as many as seven mines. The one that Rhoads was taken to is considered sacred by the Indians, and is know to them by the name of, Carre-Shin-Ob. According to the legend the Indians didn't pass the location on to the next generation. Chief Wakara was concerned because the younger braves were learning about white man's whiskey and that they would sell the secret of the treasure for whiskey.
There are many stories about people who have found pieces of the Spanish treasure in this area. One story tells about a doctor that was fishing along Rock Creek. As he worked his way along the river he found an iron door set into the hillside, under some weeds. As he was trying to get the door open he heard a sound. He turned to find two Indians behind him. They grabbed him and cut off his hand. They told him, if he ever came there again, it would be his head. (continued...)
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