Hints and Rules

    Trasure Tips
  • Get a good detector!
  • Practice, Practice, Practice!!!
  • Learn your detector. Learn what different sounds mean.
  • Recognize strong signals from weak siganls.
  • Always look for good places to detect.
  • Have your detector with you! (Just like your golf clubs)
  • Decide what you want to find.
  • Ajust the setting on your machine to find what you want.
  • Read and learn as much as you can! (The internet is great for this)
    Trasure Etiquette
  • Repsect private property.
  • ALWAYS ask for permission to detect private property.
  • Replace your dirt and divets (the grass you pull up).
  • As to not disturb the peace, where ear phones.
  • Be polite, be kind, and smile.
  • Know the loacl laws concerning metal detecting and prospecting
  • Other sites of ethics

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