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Computer Science History
History of Computer Science at University of Utah

The Computer Science Department at the University of Utah has a long history of distinguished faculty and alumni who have made substantial contributions to research and industry. This web page represents a brief overview of some of the most well-known people and their work.

"Almost every influential person in the modern computer-graphics community either passed through the University of Utah or came into contact with it in some way"

From The Algorithmic Image: Graphic Visions of the Computer Age, by Robert Rivlin

Companies founded by Utah faculty and alumni

Major contributions by Utah faculty and alumni

Time Line: Distinguished Utah faculty and alumni

David Evans
Computer Science Faculty 1965-1980

Ivan Sutherland
Computer Science Faculty 1968-1974

Robert Barton, Computer Science Faculty 1968-1973

Tom Stockham, Computer Science Faculty 1969-1981

Alan Kay
Ph.D. 1969

John Warnock
Ph.D. 1969

Chuck Seitz
Computer Science Faculty 1970-1973

Nolan Bushnell , B.S. 1969

Ronald Resch
Computer Science Faculty 1970-1979

Alan Ashton
Ph.D. 1970

Tony Hearn
Computer Science Faculty 1971-1981

Duane Call
Ph.D. 1971

Henri Gouraud
Ph.D. 1971

Elliott Organick
Computer Science Faculty 1973-1985

Ed Catmull
Ph.D. 1974

Jim Clark
Ph.D. 1974

Bui Tuong-Phong
Ph.D. 1975

Henry Fuchs
Ph.D. 1975

Martin Newell, Ph.D. 1975
Computer Science Faculty 1977-1979

  • Developed procedural modeling for object rendering
  • Co-developed the Painter's algorithm for surface rendering
  • Founder of Ashlar, Inc. , which develops computer-assisted design software.

Frank Crow
Ph.D. 1975

  • Developed anti-aliasing methods for edge smoothing
  • Former faculty at University of Texas at Austin and Ohio State University

Martin Griss
Computer Science Faculty 1977-1983

  • Developed Portable Standard LISP (PSL).

Suhas Patil
Computer Science Faculty 1977-1981

James Blinn
Ph.D. 1978

  • Invented the first method for representing surface textures in graphical images.
  • Scientist at JPL, where he worked on computer animation of the Voyager fly-bys.
  • Produced a PBS series called The Mechanical Universe , which used animation to teach the basic principles of physics and mathematics.
  • Collaborates with Tom Apostle on Project Mathematics! , an educational video series about mathematics.

Jim Kajiya
Ph.D. 1979

  • Developed the frame buffer concept for storing and displaying single-raster images.

Robert Johnson
Computer Science Faculty 1987-1993

  • Invented the magnetic ink printing technology used on virtually every check we write.
  • Invented the Johnson counter logic circuit.
  • Former Vice President of Engineering for Burroughs.

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