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Utah Gardens is set up to help educate and unify the neighborhoods where community gardens are located. Utah Gardens is focused on several goals that facilitate education:

· Help low-income households provide their own food and become more self-reliant.
· Create educational experiences for both youth and adults by partnering with schools and other institutions.
· Provide job training and work related experiences for youth and adults within the green industry and aid in placing them in employment opportunities within the industry.
· Give opportunities for special needs youth and adults to expand their talents while developing new ones.
· Encourage good eating habits through proper use of fruits and vegetables.

Community Gardens are set up all over the country to provide opportunities for communities to learn gardening skills. Take for example Decatur, Georgia the Community Garden facilitates several after school and summer programs. The programs focus on teaching children how to propagate vegetables and flowers from seeds and to care for their own gardens. In relation with the community gardens there are also after school programs that teach kids nutrition, exercise, and basic gardening skills.
It is exciting to see the potential educational opportunities associated with a community garden. For example, the American Community Gardening Association creates programs that not only teach gardening skills but also teaches leadership skills for future community leaders.

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