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    Lunatic Rants by Ramsey
    The quotes have grown enough to have their own page: Click here to see them.
    I also have a tiny compilation of others' quotes here
    Lastly, I thought it was amusing how often you can find words in music. Here is a compilation of 'lone' lyrics. I did a collection of these as an undergrad and I had quite a list. I'm restarting the trend now.
    Here are some favorites.
    Don't do anything I wouldn't do in my dreams (May 4,2001)
    I'm your friend, regardless of the weather. (November 25, 2001)
    If I call a tree a tree, should it be mad at me? (January 1,2002)
    What good is a lawn if you cannot lie down in it , with your arms wide, and stare at the sky (February 26,2002)
    Sometimes you get lucky and love people for who they are inside too. (March 25,2002)
    I wish I was hungry, or liked the food. (May 9, 2003)
    	The DoppelGanger (July 15,2003)
          I promise to love who you are forever.
          I cannot promise to love you forever.
          You may change. 
               You may turn 
                   into someone 
          I do not love.
          What then of promises and dreams.
  • My definitions are too perfect - who could live up to them? July 15, 2003
  • Last updated on December 3, 2003.