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Philip M. Sutton, Charles D. Hansen, Han-Wei Shen, and Dan Schikore. A Case Study of Isosurface Extraction Algorithm Performance. Joint Eurographics - IEEE TVCG Symposium on Visualization (submitted).

Philip Sutton. Isosurface Extraction in Time-varying Fields. Master of Science Thesis. University of Utah, May 2000.

Philip Sutton and Charles D. Hansen. Isosurface Extraction in Time-varying Fields Using a Temporal Branch-on-Need Tree (T-BON) , (Color Plate here) IEEE Visualization 1999, pages 147-153, October 1999.


I've plotted some of the data sets I've used in span space, giving some very interesting results.

Research Interests

I'm working with Chuck Hansen and the SCI Group. I'm working on my Master's thesis, which involves extracting isosurfaces from time-varying data. Here are some MPGs generated by my Temporal Branch-on-Need tree algorithm (T-BON).

Recently I was involved in helping the Computational Fluid Dynamics group visualize their data using SCIRun, the groups's computational steering/problem solving (depending on which buzzword you like better) environment.

Here are some images from SCIRun - full size versions are available by clicking on the smaller image. The images depict a single timestep in a 3d fluid dynamics simulation. Temperature (scalar field) is displayed by the cutting plane and contour lines; fluid velocity (vector field) is displayed using streamlines; particles are colored according to their temperatures.
Overall view Close-up from underneath

I have also worked on ray-tracing microsurface-based textures with the Caltech Graphics Group.