If you would like to register for either CS 1030 (formerly CS 1400) or CS 1410, you must take a proficiency test to determine the course that is the best fit for you. (NOTE: To take CS 1410, you must either have completed CS 1030 or have passed the proficiency test.) Follow the these instructions to take the test and get an access code which will allow you to complete registration.

Go to https://utah.instructure.com/enroll/6N9TPC. After logging with your CIS credentials, you will be taken to a Canvas page where you should simply click Enroll in Course. (If you are not yet a University of Utah student, email parker@cs.utah.edu for access.)

If you would like to appeal the results of your test, you may do so by submitting to Erin Parker (parker@cs.utah.edu) a statement carefully explaining why your course placement should be reconsidered.

Please note: You may take the proficiency test only once. If you earn a passing score on the test and decide to wait to take CS 1410 in a future semester, you must use your original test score on the permission code form. If you cannot remember your score, you may retrieve it by sending email to Erin Parker (parker@cs.utah.edu) with your full name and the approximate date that you took the test.

If you have any questions or concerns about this process, contact Erin Parker (parker@cs.utah.edu).