CS 5040: Teaching Introductory Computer Science — Fall 2021

CS 5040 is a course designed for and limited to students who are working as undergraduate teaching assistants (TAs) in the School of Computing (SoC). The course covers issues confronted by TAs of introductory computer science courses, including leading lab sections, conducting office hours, grading assignments, and communicating with students.

CS 5040 is 1 credit and may be combined with other courses (such as CS 3011 and 3020) to form a 3-credit elective for the CS degree.

All undergraduates newly hired as TAs in Fall 2021 are required to enroll in CS 5040. All undergraduates newly hired as TAs in Spring 2021 are strongly encouraged to enroll. Undergraduates who have served as TAs prior to Spring 2021 should contact the instructor before enrolling.