Fall 2017 Classes

CS 1410-030 and -040: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

Mo We 8:05-9:25a in L105 WEB

Introduction to the engineering and mathematical skills required to effectively program computers. This section of CS 1410 is designed specifically for, and restricted to, ECE students. [more info]

CS/ECE 3810: Computer Organization

Tu Th 9:10-10:30a in L104 WEB

In-depth study of computer architecture and design. Topics include RISC and CISC instruction set architectures, CPU organizations, pipelining, and memory systems. [more info]

CS 5040: Teaching Introductory Computer Science

Issues confronted by teaching assistants (TAs) of introductory computer science courses, including leading lab sections, conducting office hours, grading assignments, and communicating with students. CS 5040 is designed specifically for, and restricted to, undergraduate TAs in the School of Computing. [more info]