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I recently defended my thesis, completing a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering focused on robotics!
"The Development of the Algorithmic Robotics Laboratory Highlighting the First Experimental Validation of Distributed Optimal Reciprocal Collision Avoidance" may be downloaded here.

Over the course of my graduate career I have been involved in a wide variety of extracurricular roles including acting as a teaching assistant for three courses, participating in the NASA Robo-ops robotics competition, and giving introductory classes for children about robots. I have exposure to many aspects of the wide field of robotics including development and implementation of complex algorithms, design and manufacture of mobile robots, and development of embedded systems.

I am currently working as an IGERT fellow in the Algorithmic Robotics Lab under Dr. Jur van den Berg on research projects including sensor fusion, collision avoidance, and mechatronic design. My latest work is, as discussed in my thesis, the first implementation of optimal reciprocal collision avoidance with maliciously human driven quadrotors in GPS denied environments with local sensing.

Resume available on request.
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