Tango Step List

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Two Walks and a Tango Close

BeatMan's partLady's part
SForward LF, curving to LBack RF, placing foot behind LF, curving to L
SForward RF, curving to LBack LF, curving to L
QForward LFBack RF
QSide RFSide LF
SDrag LF in toward RFDrag RF in toward LF
Note - Stay low in knees on walks. Man should keep a strong frame.

Promenade, and Tango Close

BeatMan's partLady's part
SLF forward in PPRF forward in PP
SRF forward and across in PPLF forward and across in PP
&Turn lady to closed positionClose to man
QQSTango Close (LRL)Tango Close (RLR)
Note - Do not change weight when closing on 'S&'. Do not turn hips away from partner on second step in promenade.

Corte Lunge

BeatMan's partLady's part
SLF diagonally back, lunging into L kneeRF diagonally forward, lunging into R knee
SReplace weight to RF, bring LF under body with no weightReplace weight to LF, bringing RF under body with no weight
QQSTango Close (LRL)Tango Close (RLR)
Note - Man should keep upper body very upright on first step. Lady should hold her own weight in lunge, and not rely on man to hold her up. Furthermore, lady should push up through her right hip to create a curved line, and strech away from the man.

Promenade Throwaway

BeatMan's partLady's part
SForward LF in PPForward RF in PP
SForward RF in PP, checking forward action and sending lady forwardForward LF in PP
QReplace weight to LFForward RF in PP, starting to turn to L
QSmall step to side RFSide LF, finishing our 1/2 turn to L
Note - Man's check on 2nd slow should not impede or distort lady's movement forward. End almost facing the same direction, but turned in slightly to face each other.


BeatMan's partLady's part
QForward LF, turning to LForward RF, turning to R
QSide RF, turning to LSide LF, turning to R
SSide LF, finishing full turn to LSide RF, finishing full turn to R
Note - End facing same direction. Lady does spin straight at her partner. Man chooses to go in front of or behind her. Man leads step by giving slight tug with his hand. Step may be repeated with man starting RF, lady LF

Fan to Close

BeatMan's partLady's part
SForward LFForward RF
SSwivel (fan) RF around, turning L to face partnerFan LF around, turning R to face partner
STurn 1/4 turn to L, taking RH-LH position; forward RFTurn 1/4 turn to R; forward LF
SFan LF around, turning R to face partnerFan RF around, turning L to face partner
QQSTango CloseTango Close
Note - Used to get from fan position (ie, position at end of promenade throwaway) to closed position. Each step & fan should bring man closer to lady, so that closed position can be taken before/during tango close.

Open Reverse Turn

BeatMan's partLady's part
QForward LF, turning to LBack RF, turning to L
QSide RF, still turning LSide LF, still turning to L
SBack LF, having finished turn to L, partner outsideForward RF outside partner
QBack RF, turning to LForward LF, turning to L
QSide LF, still turning to LSide RF, still turning L
SForward RF outside partnerBack LF, having finished turn to L, partner outside
Note - Under turn step 3 to allow easier outside position. Each half of the turn makes 3/8 of a turn to the L.

Outside Swivel

BeatMan's partLady's part
QQOpen Reverse TurnOpen Reverse Turn
SStep back LF, turning body more than legs to lead lady to swivelStep forward RF. Man will lead swivel to R.
SReplace weight RF, turning body back to RForward LF, swiveling RF around to face man
Note - This step can be repeated from the slow steps any number of times. Usual exits include a tango close or another reverse turn.

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