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[Author's excuse: this page has been around in one form or another since approximately 1994, and has had a lot more "evolution" than the "revolution" that would give it a new and improved look. I simply haven't had time and the desire to give this page the work it needs in order to look half decent.]

Personal Information: My name is Mac Newbold, and I used to be a Computer Science graduate student at the University of Utah, where I finished my Masters Degree in 2004 or 2005. I'm not really a very interesting person, despite how busy I always am, so I won't spend a whole lot of time trying to tell you about myself.

Basically, I'm a computer geek. I enjoy programming and solving the puzzles involved in that. I have loved using and programming computers since I was about 8 years old, and I'm still at it. Luckily, I've been able to get jobs in the field I enjoy, so hopefully I'll be able to keep getting paid to have fun all day.

Google Rocks!

Work: I am co-founder of a web development company called Code Greene. We build custom web database systems, many with e-commerce features, and do web hosting on our FreeBSD servers. (I also have my own company, Mac Newbold Enterprises, LLC.) Some of the clients and projects I've worked with include (3form, Inc.), the makers of Varia Ecoresin, Grivel North America, Gym Jones,, Sole Treadmills, Todd Orchard (fine artist specializing in murals and paintings), WoodYouLikeIt, and Auto Glossary. (Our Code Greene partnership did business formerly as Digital Media Consulting.)

Since 2005 I've also been building a great tool for students at It is an excellent way to overcome procrastination, manage your schedule, save time, lower your stress level, and get better test scores and better grades. It is being used by students in about 45 countries, from elementary school to grad school. We've had parents sign up their middle school or high school students, too. A lot of our students are college or university students at every level, and we've had a lot of great feedback on the system.

Netbed.Org / Emulab.Net

School: I finished my Bachelors Degree in Computer Science in May 2001 here at Utah. Then for my Masters Degree in Computer Science, I defended my thesis in Spring 2004, and published my thesis officially in Spring 2005. My advisor was Prof. Jay Lepreau. My Master's thesis is titled "Reliability and State Machines in an Advanced Network Testbed" (PDF) (2-up/4-up)

From January 2000 to early 2004, I worked at the University of Utah for the Computer Science Department as a Research Assistant for the Flux Research Group, under my advisor, Jay Lepreau. More specifically, I work on the Network Testbed project, also known as Emulab.Net or as Netbed. Emulab (aka ’Emulab Classic’) is basically an "Internet Emulator" in a room, publicly available for remote research by basically anyone. Netbed integrates Emulab's emulation abilities with simulation and wide-area testing. It is a lot of fun to work on, and I've really enjoyed the four years I've been working with it.

I have previously served as the student member on the College of Engineering Dean Search Committee, which recruited Dean Richard Brown, a member of the Computer Science Graduate (and Undergraduate) Student Advisory Committees (CS GradSAC and UgSAC, respectively), the School's Computer Facilities Committee, and as one of two grad student members of the College of Engineering College Council. In 2002 (and some in 2003), I worked with a group from the College of Engineering on a large engineering exhibition called Engineering Day (2002 site, formerly at It ended up making the front page of the campus newspaper, and the College has made it an annual event. I also participated for many years with the School's outreach programs, including the High School Programming Contest (HSPC) every March and the High School Computing Institute (HSCI) every summer (now discontinued).

Activities: In 1999 I returned from serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Rosario Argentina Mission. I was there for two years, and I now speak fluent Spanish and am always looking for people to speak Castellano with to keep up my skills. I also enjoy singing, card games, board games, and sports like softball and Ultimate Frisbee.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
3D Model

Some of my fun computer projects include a 3D Model of a building that I made back in 1995 (shown at left). I have also volunteered with the ASUU Technology Board working on the ASUU BookXChange that was launched at the beginning of December 2001.

There are also some other obligatory pages here, like my busy (and sometimes usually extremely out of date) schedule. I'm not actively looking for employment, but you can check out my (sometimes up to date) resume. Since I'm self-employed and own my own company, I'm not really looking for a full-time or part-time job, just clients and contract work for my company. So there's no need to send me all the latest info about how you want to recruit me for your company. Please. Don't contact me about work unless you want to hire Code Greene and obtain my services through them.

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