CACTI 6.0 - An Enhanced Cache Access and Cycle Time Model

For architectural studies, especially those related to memory hierarchy design, an early and accurate estimate of cache access time and power consumption is critical to make a sound evaluation. CACTI, an integrated cache access time, cycle time, area, and power model is intended to address this problem.

CACTI 6.0 is a significanlty enhanced version built on top of CACTI 5.0 that focuses on design of large caches with special emphasis on interconnect design. In addition to strengthening the existing analytical models for dominant cache components, CACTI 6.0 has a dramatically improved search space along with support for modeling NUCA caches.


CACTI 6.0 Download


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Slides from the MICRO Talk

Mirror sites (CACTI 6.0 will be uploaded soon)


To install CACTI 6.0, download the above gzip'ed tar file. Extract the files using the command, (tar -zxvf cacti6.tgz) . Run make, then run cacti.

In CACTI 6.0, command line arguments are optional; input parameters are provided in a cache.cfg file. See our README file for more details.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send me an email (naveen at

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