Project 7

Texture Mapping

Ray Traced Views

Ray tracer MK7. Added texture support, and ray differentials.

Before ray differentials

Without ray differentials (on the left), we get a lot of aliasing, especially with the checkerboard material as it fades into the background.


I was having troubles implementing ray differentials. Homan Igehy's paper suggests procedurally computing derived results of ray plane intersection, reflection, and refraction. However, in class we discussed tracing two extra rays, one on the top of the pixel and one to the right of the pixel.

I ended up tracing two rays, one on the top of the pixel and one on the right edge of the pixel. This is a bit differen than the paper, which continually calculates the derivative of the main ray's point and direction with respect to x and y. The result is essentially the same.




Intel HD Graphics 620, Intel Core i7 - 7500U CPU @ 2.7GHz, 16GB of memory