miriah meyer

Assistant Professor
School of Computing
University of Utah

Scientific Computing and
Imaging Institute

Warnock Engineering Building
72 S. Central Campus Dr, Rm 4887
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
miriah (at) cs (dot) utah (dot) edu

Visualization tools are essential for deriving meaning from the deluge of data we are faced with today. In my lab we design visualization systems that support exploratory, complex data analysis tasks for scientific research. These systems allow scientists to validate their computational models, to understand their underlying data in detail, and to develop new hypotheses and insights.

We take a problem-driven approach to research, relying on both a detailed understanding of the needs of, and a close collaboration with, domain experts to guide the design of algorithms, visual encodings, and interaction mechanisms. Our visualization systems build upon principles and methodologies from perception, design, and human-computer interaction, and combine novel mathematical models with algorithms from a range of fields such as computer graphics and computational geometry.

mizbee meshing
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