Welcome to Darkened Dreams.   
Darkened Dreams is a quasi-text game with an active map that shows things like NPCs, things to pick up, 
and monsters and animals that roam around.  It is only quasi-text because some keys (like the function keys 
and the arrow keys) react automatically and the map updates in real time.  
It runs on Java.  If you have a hard time getting it started you probably just need to download a Java update.
All information about that can be found in the forums.


Player's Manual
Starter's Guide
The Darkened Dreams Game, currently version 2.1.1
NOTICE: If downloading for the first time make a folder called "Saves" (without the quotes) in the same directory.
NOTICE: If it doesn't run, you may need to update java.
Maps for the game
A few pictures of the game in action with the new GUI Shot 1 Shot 2
Here are pictures of a few of the monsters in the game. Foul Grunt Howler Imp Arachnomantis Haunt Black Sage Links: Questions? Comments? Say something on the forum! Inu Kami - Dog Bite: My friend's 3D game. A document on game legalities for creators. FAQ: Q: Is this a school project or just what? A: This is actually something that I'm doing on my own time. It is a big exercise in learning more about programming in a way that is fun and challenging. Q: Are you going to charge for this game later on? A: No, I'm not planning on ever charging money to play this game. I am, however, planning on putting some of the more rare items for sale on for real cash once the mutliplayer version is up and running. Last updated on Weds 10-10-2007 at 9:52 PM MST Total Lines of Code: 29721 so far. (As of 1-20-2007)