Milinda Shayamal Fernando.

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3345 MEB
School of Computing
University of Utah

E-mail : milinda (at) cs (dot) utah (dot) edu

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About Me

I am a Ph.D. (in scientific computing track) student at School of Computing, University of Utah. I did my undergraduate studies in the field of Computer Science at University of Moratuwa. Currently, I am working as a Graduate Research Assistant, under Prof. Hari Sundar My research is primarily focused on developing computational algorithms for the numerical solution of large-scale partial differential equations. New discoveries in Science and Engineering are primarily driven by computer simulations(in lieu of physical experiments). In many cases, such as Gravitational Wave (GW) astronomy physical experiments are impossible. In the modern computational era, while computing resources have grown exponentially, they have also become increasingly complex with ever-increasing heterogeneity and fine-grain parallelism, making their use by domain-scientists has become increasingly difficult. My research is focused on developing algorithms and computational codes that enable effective use of modern supercomputers by domain scientists. The key objectives are ease of use by domain scientists (by using symbolical interfaces and automatic code generation), portability (ability to use across different architectures), performance (efficient use of computing resources) and scalability (ability to solve larger problems on next-generation machines). For my current research, the main driving application has been computational relativity and GW astronomy, but the contributions of my research are fundamental and have also had significant impact on other areas such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).



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For full publication list please visit my Google Schoolar page, here are some of the selected publications.