Course Pages
F10 F11  CS 1410 Object-Oriented Programming / Computer Science I
S11 S12  CS 2420 Introduction to Algorithms & Data Structures / Computer Science II
F03  CS 2010 Introduction to Computer Science (now CS 1410)
F00 F01 F02 F05 F18  CS 3520 Programming Language Concepts (sometimes CS 5510)
F12 F16  CS 4400 Computer Systems
F08  CS 4960-1 Parallel Programming
F09  CS 5460 Operating Systems
F07 F09 F10 F11 F13 F15 F16 F17  CS 5510 Programming Languages (now CS 3520)
S16  CS 5965/6965 Functional Programming Studio (now CS 6510)
S08 S10 S12 S14 S16  CS 6510 Functional Programming Studio
S17 F17  CS 6510 Programming Languages (now CS 6520)
F18  CS 6520 Programming Language Concepts
S00 S01 S02 S03 S04  CS 6520 Programming Languages and Semantics (now CS 7520)
S06 S09 S11 S13  CS 7520 Programming Languages and Semantics
S05  CS 7963 Practical Functional Programming (now CS 6510)