Ben Meakin's CS Webpage

Office: MEB 3157
Phone: (650) 305-1022

About Me

I am a 5th year BS/MS student in computer engineering at the University of
Utah and am currently working as a Research Assistant in Dr. Ganesh
Gopalakrishnan's verification group in the School of Computing. My academic
and research interests are primarily in computer architecture, digital VLSI
design, embedded software development, and hardware design verification.

This webpage is meant to provide employers, faculty, and fellow students
with a reference for my work, interests, and skills.

Projects I'm Involved In:
Multicore Research
NoC Synthesis Project
Multicore Expo Notes

Micron Engineering Clinic Project

Current Classes (Fall '09)
CS 6460 Operating Systems
CS 4961 Parallel Programming

My Google Calender

My Resume

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