Mini Me

Recent Publications

J. Davison de St. Germain, John McCorquodale, Steven G. Parker, Christopher R. Johnson. Uintah: A Massively Parallel Problem Solving Environment, Presented at HPDC'00: The Ninth IEEE International Symposium on High Performance and Distributed Computing, August 2000.

Alastair Reid, John McCorquodale, Jason Baker, Wilson Hsieh, Joseph Zachary. The Need for Predictable Garbage Collection. Presented at WCSSS'99: The ACM SIGPLAN 1999 Workshop on Compiler Support for System Software, May 1999.

Patrick Tullmann, Jeff Turner, John McCorquodale, Jay Lepreau, Ajay Chitturi, Godmar Back. Formal Methods: A Practical Tool for OS Implementors. Presented at HotOS'97: the Sixth IEEE Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems, May 1997.


People occasionally ask for my notes from classes on ray tracing and radiosity. So here they are.

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